Wednesday, May 26, 2010

random things

I am so ready to wear these! Vacation is coming and I am so excited to be getting some time off. Now, granted, I did take on that part-time job, but I'm excited about that, too. A little extra cash for our adoption account and a some luxuries, like a massage. And a pedicure. And a night out.

Okay, time to admit some more nerdiness on my part. I loved Iron Man! My husband and I went to see the first one two summers ago and then had a date night the other night. I loved the movie. Charlie said he thought it was okay, but I had so much fun. There were a couple of parts where I cheered and grinned and clapped. So much fun. Don't know why I loved it and others thought it was only okay, but I did. I even told my mom I would take her and I would see it again.

I am currently curled up with a prayer shawl. The Knit Together group at my church makes them for new babies, people in the hospital, and people going through a hard time. While they are knitting, they pray for the person. Two years ago when we were going through our few infertility meds and I was about to lose my job, they made one for me. It was very sweet and I was touched and I cried when they gave it to me. I dug it out again recently, knowing those prayers are still woven in there somehow.

I painted my nails the other night and I have already taken the polish off. It chips too easily.

I started watching the Bachelorette the other night. Man, some of those men should be embarrassed. This season looks like it will be really dramatic, as they all are.

Oh, I have a pet peeve to share about blogs (and I don't mean to offend.) It bothers me when I click over to the blog and can't see the post title without scrolling down. Meaning, your header is so large that I can't immediately start reading. I don't want to have to scroll down. Busy patterns in the back are bad, too. I was one one the other day that was soooo busy I couldn't read the post and had to get off. It was sad too, because I was really interested in the topic, but I couldn't get past the pattern. Do YOU have blog pet peeves? I mean, it's only my opinion, so I'd love to hear what other people think.

Is that enough random for you?


Colleen said...

Glad you get to relax soon! :)

My blog pet peeve is the music. I don't mind that people have music links but I would rather have to push a button to play the music not be forced to listen to it. I think sometimes I just like the relaxation of silence or the bird chirping outside now that the windows are open.

Alison said...

I totally agree about the music. And busy backgrounds. I especially don't like black backgrounds. They're too hard to read.

My biggest pet peeve is that so many blogs that I've adored reading in the past have become to focused on money making. Everything is a sales pitch, giveaway or product placement. I read blogs because I want to know about the reader and their families, not why they like the Clorox wipes they were provided by the Clorox company, free of charge. I wish people would just write.

I loved your random post. Summer is fast approaching and flip flops are the best.
Craig loves Iron Man, but it's not my thang. I'm glad you liked it, though.

Alison said...

PS-- I made a grammar mistake (gasp!) I meant to say the blogs have been TOO focused, not to. Bad Alison.

PPS--I just went back to check to make sure you can see my current blog entry without scrolling. It's all good! Whew.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Okay, first things first. A prayer shawl? How wonderful!

Secondly, my flip flops are on feet with unpolished toes right now. :(

A massage? How wonderful!

Blog pet peeves? Well, I understand what you are saying with the header that is so big. I've learned to cut and paste and resize so that doesn't happen. In fact, I have an awesome picture that I love and wanted to use, but it broke that rule (a pet peeve of mine) so I ditched the thought of using it.

My blog pet peeve is ads. I mean, if you want to do that, it is okay. There is one blog that I discontinued going to because it has two columns of ads (taking up the full right half of the screen) and a tiny little sliver left (by the time you have margins and whatnot) for the post. Eghad!

I understand what Alison is saying about products, but do on a very limited basis give my feedback on products that I've been asked to try. However, I can see if it became a completely agree that if that is strictly what the blog has become, it is unexciting. I appreciate when people have a second blog just to take care of that.

Music? I just turn the volume down.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Okay, it depends on my blog. You have to scroll down anyhow, but you do see the bottom of the picture and the start of the blog template, but no words.

I might be pet peeving to you. So sorry! At least your continual scroll downward isn't just more blog header photo!

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

I'll have to say music is my pet peeve. I agree with Colleen that we should have to push a button to listen to it. I now keep my volume on mute just in case.

Love your random blog post. I was just thinking about a pedicure today but had to many other things to get done to go get one.

Enjoy your relaxation time that is coming!

J. Henry said...

My blog pet peeve is when I comment multiple times on someones blog (who I think has a lot in common with me) and they CONTINUOUSLY ignore me and never comment on my blog! I almost wrote a post about this recently because I was so angry, but my hubby talked me out of it. We even have a mutual friend and live relatively near one another.

I feel better now that I have that off my chest. :)

Sew said...

Oh honey music on blogs makes me want to punch the computer screen and word verification makes me nutty too! :) I just want to comment quickly without typing the word verification. hahaha Sorry, I know you have word verification! ;)

I'm already in flip flops-are you not?

That prayer shaw sounds wonderful!!