Friday, May 14, 2010

need a replacement?

Have you ever been to Replacements? Or heard of Replacements? Oh my. It is the most fun place, if you like dishes. My Aunt Sylvie was in town and my mom and I took her out there to see the showroom and get some china. I wanted to take the tour again, because I finally thought to bring my camera along.

Replacements is a company that buys and sells china, crystal, silver and other dishes. Some are antique and rare, others are not. They buy from manufacturers, stores and people like us. You can take your old china to them and sell it, then they will resell it to someone who wants it. My aunt had a teacup and saucer that she was looking for to go with a set she already owned. Seems she had broken the cup and needed to replace it, hence the name. It's just a great store if you only need to buy one plate, or one bowl. You can call them or look them up on the internet, too. (Don't I sound like a commercial? But it's just a fun idea.)

The tour is amazing, because they take you into the stockroom. It is four football fields big and has shelves that go up 15 feet, stocked to the brim with dishes.

Everything is organized and tagged. It is kind of overwhelming, but really neat to see. I think I have taken the tour every time I've gone there, because they move things around and add things and change things.

They also have new items, like this Waterford Crystal chandelier. I think it costs something like $4,000, but you can put it on layaway!

As you know, I do love some sparkle! If I had a room grand enough for this chandelier, it would be mine!

I just thought this plate was pretty. Almost too pretty to eat on!

If you ever get a chance to visit Greensboro, NC, you can visit Replacements. My mom, aunt and I spent over two hours in there and had a great time looking at all the different things they stock. They even had some really need Christmas ornaments. Oh, and they allow well-behaved pets in their showroom, although my dogs would wag their tails and break things!

And, once I get it finished, I'll show you what I bought. I had a little project to do with what I bought, but I think it will turn out really cool as a dining room decoration.


Maria in Lewis Land said...

How cool that you can go to the store. I found 4 plates at Marshalls years ago and it turns out they coordinated with my wedding china. I found them at Replacement and now I have 8 more - for not that much money. Can't wait to see your treasures.

Alison said...

What a fun store. I love looking at dishes and things. I can't wait to see what you bought.

the lady of the house said...

Wow thanks for sharing! What a fun store! and your little cutey above this post is such a doll! Happy Day, The Lady