Friday, November 28, 2008

on the way, I think

This week the Lord really gave us a gift. No, no one handed us a baby or anything, but we did pick an agency. You're so excited, I know. But it actually was a pretty big deal, in that there are so many to choose from and many factors to consider. Cost is a big one. And the way the agency is set up was another they see it as a ministry, or as a way to make money. We felt strongly that adoption is not a money making business, and needed to find people that agreed with us.

I told you about a visit we had with another adoption agency, and it went well. But I came away feeling not quite settled, and I didn't know why. I just knew we needed to keep looking, and after many hours where Google has now become my best friend, I stumbled upon New Life Christian Adoptions out of Garner, North Carolina. I called and talked with a really great girl, and made an appointment for Charlie and I to and talk with them. We drove over there on Wednesday, in some really fun pre-thanksgiving traffic, and met with their social worker. I was immediately at ease with her, the office, and the way she spoke about their program and their ministry. She got up at one point to answer the phone and I looked at Charlie, and we both nodded. We both felt it. These were the people.

Now we have to fill out some paperwork and hope they choose us. The first thing we have to each fill out is a statement of faith form, and they said they ask for this first because they promise their birthmoms that the families are Christian. She told us there wouldn't be any need to go further in the process if our statements didn't jive with their philosophy. I thought that was great, because it really gives them a picture of who we are, and how we feel the Lord has led us to adoption.

So basically, this new blog will be to update everyone on this process. That isn't to say that I won't talk about it occasionally on Out On a Limb, but here our family and friends can check in on the adoption process if that's all they want to read about. And I included a link to the right that takes you to the adoption agency site, if you want to look at them.

Keep us in your prayers, and pray for birthmoms everywhere who are struggling with whether to abort their child, or put the baby up for adoption. Pray that God's hand will be on the whole situation and our lives will be blessed.