Thursday, April 28, 2011

photographing children

I was in charge of taking family photos on Easter. Well, I'm normally in charge of taking family photos cause I love my camera, but taking pictures of kid just isn't easy. They never look at the camera all at the same time.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B, although, don't you love the bunny ears?

Exhibit C

Exhibit D (not looking and crankiness)

And this one didn't want to wear his bunny ears on TOP of his

She's smiling, but not looking at the camera.

We had a great time, and I think I got a couple shots that were good, but I also have many, many that are quite comical. Hope you got a smile!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Egg

Glitter Easter Eggs. Way fun. Way glittering. Big Mess.
But a family tradition. My mom and I dyed eggs on Friday.

Good Friday Fun brought to you way late. Sorry.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the destination

We walked across a gangway and all of a sudden there was no need to cook or clean or worry about the destination. There was only a need to rest, relax, have alone time and well, think about a shower once a day. There was no mapquest or GPS telling you "recalculating," no husband asking you what that sign said as you whizzed past it at 75 mph, and you were reading anyway, not looking at road signs. It was not a time of "hurry up" or "I need that report by 3" or dogs barking or the stresses of every day. It was a time of peace and quiet and food and fun and a little bit of adventure. It was a time to trust that the captain knew his route and would get us there safely. And we did. We easily trusted that Captain Whateverhisnamewas would get us there and back.

Why can't I trust God like that?

Why shouldn't I treat everyday as a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean?

Why shouldn't I believe that my life is captained by a God who knows the route and will get me there safely? He mapped out the world eons ago and knows every road, creek, state line, ocean current and curve of the earth. He formed our world like a potter with clay, and gently forms our lives the same way. Why shouldn't I rest, relax and know that he has my world in his hands? I trusted Captain Whateverhisnamewas (he was from Norway, so I'm sure he was a good sailor) with my life for seven days after only a cursory, required life boat drill. Where no one explained how I was going to get INTO that lifeboat, by the way... I digress.

Yes, I play a part in my life. I'm not just some automaton programmed to exist, but if I continually seek him, I should be able to let him steer the ship. His route is the safest. The one with the least storms. I know life isn't without the occasional squall and rainstorm, but the lack of faith on my part is MY weakness. I waffle. I waiver. I WHINE.

So, my prayer for today is to let him continue to flood my heart with faith. He knows what I am asking for, and although I will continue to ask for it, I will continue to seek more of a relationship with my Lord. I will be quiet to hear his voice. I will rest and let him take control. I will try. By his grace I will continue to draw closer to his will.

He knows when my family will grow. He'll be the one to grow it.

He knows the destination. I get caught up in so many little things, and miss the big picture sometimes. I ask "why don't I have a baby?" and miss the fact that in first four months of this year I saw the US Figure Skating Championships, went on a cruise, and went to see Cirque de Soleil. Three things I've always wanted to do, and sometimes all I can see is the empty nursery. 2011 has been good to me so far.

He knows the destination. He knows the course. He will get me there and back safely.

If I cross the gangway and put my trust in him.

Anchors Away.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my backyard is a blooming...

I wish the tree looked like this all year long.

I wish it had a smell like a carnation, though, since it looks like one.

My back yard is in bloom. The dogwoods are blooming and my Kwaanzan Cherry is showing off its pink, fluffy blossoms.

I think it is interesting that dogwood blossoms have those brown edges. It adds a unique aspect to the look of the flower.


See, aren't these pretty? I love how this photo turned out. The contrast of the light pink with the darkness of the background.

Monday, April 18, 2011

now meet Phoebe

Phoebe is the Alpha dog in our house. She doesn't like cameras either, but isn't as bad as Lucy. And she is really photogenic, except for when I need to use the flash. She has blue eyes and they look really strange if the flash is on.

She also likes to chew on things. ANYTHING. Bones, birds, bamboo.

She likes her paws and gives herself hotspots. Thus, the cone of shame. She looks happy though, doesn't she?

Taking a rest.

She loves to give kisses. She loves to give kisses. She loves to give kisses.

Phoebe is such a sweet dog, but she is certainly in charge. She calls the shots and will sometimes position herself in front of Lucy. It is quite comical.

She is a picky eater and has a sensitive stomach. She howls at fire trucks and sirens, and Lucy tries to sing along. She is stealthy and will attack the small animals in our yard and has caught several unlucky birds and squirrels. She loves to ride in the car and get so excited if you start to take off her collar (with our invisible fence, if the collar comes off, the dogs know they are going for a ride.) She does a dance.

That's our Phoebe.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

my Lucy...

Getting a good picture of Lucy is kind of hard, because she is the submissive dog in our house. She doesn't like to look us straight in the eye, and usually averts her eyes if I hold the camera up in front of my face. See the exhibits below:

Turned to the left...

Won't look up...

Looks down...

Using the zoom lens, she wasn't aware that I was even there...

Ooops, she caught me and looked away.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so my husband up and took me on a cruise...

Charlie surprised me with a cruise to Cozumel, Belize, Guatemala and Key West. Here are some highlights:

sunset viewed from our balcony

pulling into the port in Guatemala (we didn't get off the boat here)

The food, of course...

the flamingos in Key West, FL

the Southernmost Point in the continental US, Key West

shopping in Cozumel

the atrium on our boat

leaving Key West


our favorite place to eat on the ship

in front of cafe in Key West