Friday, April 30, 2010

cupcake adventure

So, my mom and I attempted to make some special cupcakes for Easter. We thought they would be sooooo easy. A little frosting, a little colored sugar and some detailed directions. We can do it, we thought.

Nope. We were wrong.

Here is what they looked like:

I know, not really toooo bad. But they were supposed to look like this:

The egg shape that sits on top of the cupcake is a graham cracker cut to fit a pattern. Um, graham crackers are hard, and not easy to cut without breaking. Yeah, we ruined several, and several from the box were already broken, so from the whole box we ended up with 17 eggs for 24 cupcakes. Bad math. So then we stuck them stuck them onto the cupcakes with frosting, and then spread frosting on top of the cracker. It took about 5 minutes per cupcake. I was bored after the first two and started feeding Lucy (the dog) under the table with some of the cracker eggs.

We made the cupcakes the day before.

The graham cracker got soggy from the frosting by the next day. Not so appetizing. And these were hard to eat because of the odd shape on the top. And the 30 minute drive from our house to Charlie's parents' house with the cupcakes in the sun didn't help. The colored sugar started to melt and stick to the plastic wrap. One of the eggs slid off to the side completely.

So, all in all, not the successful cupcake experience we were aiming for. Sigh. We tried to make something special, and fell only a little short.

At least they tasted good. My husband ate all our "mistakes" and a good portion of the frosting. And Lucy loved the secret snack she got under the table.


Ann - Building a Nest said...

I think they look good! Try the bunny peep cupcakes next time. They are easy.

Alison said...

I think it's impossible to make things look like the picture. That's why I'm not a food stylist, I suppose. Those were some very involved Easter cupcakes and I'm sorry they didn't turn out as you had hoped. But, they were festive and cute, nonetheless and you had a fun time with your mom and Lucy got a treat. It's all good.

Leila said...

Oh my gosh, they actually look really cute!!!

Frizzy and Bird said...

We would have loved to help you eat them. They look pretty.

Lost in Space said...

Awww, I think they still turned out great...and the fact that they tasted good makes them a success in my book. (-;