Wednesday, April 7, 2010

an adoption situation for YOU, maybe

I think I've shared a little about our adoption agency before and how much we love them (and I know we'll love them EVEN more when an adoption goes through...LOL.) But we really like the ladies that work there and felt drawn there by God's will.

Anyway, they have sent out the word that they are looking for Christian couples who are homestudy approved to adopt African American babies. They have had several women come through in the last couple of month, and have not had many couples to show them. Today I think they had two birthmothers coming to look at profiles and only two couples to show. I prayed that each mother want a different couple. Anyway, our agency is relatively low cost on the adoption scale (around $12,000 if you have our own homestudy) and does accept couples from out of state.

I am sending out this information because I know some of you are approved for a child of any race. My husband and I are not. We live in a really NOT diverse area, and the agency did not feel this was in the best interest of the child. I talked with them the other day about posting this on my blog, and they were happy that I wanted to share this information with all of you. In fact, while they don't know whether they will immediately have any more birthmothers for this program, they do want to have more families at the ready.

Consider applying only if you are a Christian and are prepared to fill out forms as to your faith and church involvement (any denomination is fine.) This paperwork is the first step to being accepted.

The agency is called New Life Christian Adoptions and the website is Check out the website and give them a call if you are interested. Feel free to tell them that you read about this on Sissy's blog.

Oh, and about the other situation I posted about a month ago. Nope, not happening. Not much to tell.


Frizzy and Bird said...

Someone is going to bring home the baby or babies they've been praying for very soon. HOW EXCITING! Very sweet of you to spread the word.

the misfit said...

That's awfully good of you to share. This is the part of adoption that I love (and so rarely see) - babies who need a loving home that can take care of them being found a connection to those parents (especially where the babies might not even have a chance at life without couples willing to adopt them).

Grace in my Heart said...

I totally agree with the misfit. I would jump at the chance to adopt one of the babies, but we have to save up our adoption fund again. Thanks for sharing! :) I hope your baby comes to you soon.

Baby Wanted said...

Thanks for sharing...I know the person who is meant to read this will. I keep praying that God brings you the baby who is meant for your family soon!

As for what you wrote on my blog, you have a great point. However, we have had 4 pregnancies and have a nursery full of items (a complete nursery) so a baby shower will not bother me at all. Our agency promises a waiting time of no more than a year, so I'm confident that we will be in need of our stuff soon. Plus, I don't want G to miss out on his child's baby shower while he is in the Army.

marge said...

what a great idea to post this on your blog and get the word out there! if we weren't up to our eyeballs in foster children, we'd probably be signing up! ;)

Laurie said...

We are in Texas and our agency has the same problem. We were contacted about two birthmothers since the first of the year (didn't pan out) and we don't even have an updated homestudy or any paper work turned in! But our profile is ready to be shown if and when they come in. I expect if God has for us to have another baby, it will come suddenly! :)