Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter egg hunt

We had an egg hunt on Sunday at my in-laws house. The twins were so cute while looking for their eggs, and carefully opened each egg to look at the candy. It was so fun to watch them look for the eggs, and Cheyenne was speedy about it. Payden was more methodical about it, wanting to look inside each one, and sometimes stop to eat the candy.

They are at such a cute age, and it is fun to watch our niece and nephew experience new things. This was only the second time they had hunted eggs, the first being earlier that day! We spent a long time outside wandering around with them, and Cheyenne eventually started throwing sticks for the dog, who so patiently played again and again.

Could Cheyenne be any cuter? Maybe, but she's pretty darn cute right now.

And while kind of off topic, I think my photography is getting better. I've also started playing around with Picnik, the photo editing site, to easily boost my photos. I am slowly learning PhotoShop, but picnik is very user friendly for amateurs. I like it.

Now, if I only had kids of my own to photograph!


Leila said...

Oh, I wish I could take such beautiful photographs! They are lovely!