Saturday, April 24, 2010

random baby dream

I had a dream last night that our SW drove up in our driveway with a four month old baby girl in a carseat and said she was all ours. In my dream, my husband had been talking to her in secret, knowing we had a chance for the baby, but not wanting to tell me until it was sure. The papers had already been signed by the birth parents and the waiting period was over! She was ours to stay! The birth parents had named her Alexis David (yes, David was the middle name) but the social worker said she knew we already had a name picked out.

In my dream I took her immediately and started changing her clothes, from whatever she had on to a cute outfit from our collection of baby clothes and told Charlie we needed to get to the store because we only had newborn diapers. He laughed and said we would need to go and get a lot of things, but he didn't want to get them in advance in case I caught on to what he was doing.

Then I woke up.

It was such a nice dream! I shared it with my mom today and she thought it was so sweet. It felt so real, although the house we were living in was not our house. I don't know what house it was, but it was nice.

Hhhmmmmm...don't you wish dreams were prophetic? Well, just this one, anyway!


Ann - Building a Nest said...

That was a sweet dream.

I don't know . . .stranger things have happened and dreams really do come true sometimes.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Oh! How very precious. I wish you didn't have to wake up :(

You are still at the top of my prayer list, every day. I am thinking of you.

JellyBelly said...

What a wonderful dream!!!! I'm certain it's just a snapshot of things to come!

Deborah and Blake said...

What a fantastic dream, Sissy! You and your hubby are in our prayers.

Frizzy and Bird said...

I recall having a dream that felt so real when we were waiting on Yaya. I'm talking I can still feel the emotion and see the curly red hair of that little baby that was calling me mommy. I hated waking up from that dream. I wanted to go back to sleep and never let it end.

I'm glad I did wake up so I could meet the real baby waiting on us. I know you will feel these same feelings of joy too when your real baby comes to visit and stay.

Wouldn't it be cool if some if not all of that actually comes true?

Foster Family said...

I wish for you this dream to come true and you won't have to wake up from it...Love you!

Maria in Lewis Land said...

Don't you just love those dreams? Your dreams are only a taste of what God has in store for you. Those dreams are a gift to help us wait and prepare our hearts. :)

Baby Wanted said...

I love and hate dreams like those...too bad we can't live in our dreams!