Thursday, April 29, 2010

new tools

We've been working on our yard and it needed a major overhaul. The previous owners owned the house for 40 some years and had let the yard grow over. We had to cut everything back and we had many, many, many stumps that needed to be removed. We could pay someone to come and cut them down, but Charlie likes to buy new tools.

So he bought this one.

No, just kidding. He rented it from a local place and had way so much fun driving around and pulling out stumps. He also pulled out lots of bamboo and roots. It was a three day project.

I think he was sad to see it go.


Sew said...

Boys and his toys! Go DH!!!

JellyBelly said...

Boys are so funny!!!! I'm so glad that the John Deer thing was just a rental! Where would you put that thing????

marge said...

ah men and their tools.
i kinda like my tools too though.

Alison said...

How cute! Charlie must have been thrilled to drive the John Deere.

Craig isn't a toy/tool person and would never do any of that. He'll happily run 26.2 miles, but yard work just isn't his thing. He says it's from too many years of doing it as a kid. And you wonder why we rent/live in townhomes.

I'm glad, for your sake, that the tractor goes back.

Lost in Space said...

I was going to say just the same thing as Sew. LOL.

Glad he is having fun while making things look great in the process.

Life In Mazes said...

So funny, my husband still wants his "deere"! Glad your yard is looking good!

Jamie said...

That's awesome. We have a friend that actually DOES own one of these, I think. And lots of other manly tools. We'll be at their house for lunch, and wondering where he went, when he goes driving by the window in one of his big boy toys.