Monday, February 1, 2010

ups and downs

This weekend we were blessed with about seven inches of snow and a snow day today. I was so glad that school was closed this morning, allowing me some extra rest and a day to myself, since Charlie had to do into work.

I was sharing yesterday with a friend that the past couple of weeks have been hard. My job situation is in flux, since they told me back in October my position may not be available next year. The school is collapsing a couple of positions and wants to combine my librarian position with the technology position. But then last week they told me they aren't sure how exactly it will happen, since they really haven't found any good candidates for the job. Now they are thinking they might replace the technology position and keep me half time.

It's hard for me to think about finding a new job, and sit here and wait for a baby. It's two huge things on my mind. I find it hard to relax and just let the worries go. We didn't have church yesterday because of the snow, and I probably could have really used some worship time. But today offers me some quiet time to rest and veg and just be.

I was talking to my assistant principal the other day and she was sharing that they still didn't know what they wanted to do with the position. I was telling her that it would be nice to keep my job, since the health insurance is so awesome. It really is awesome. And working part time for my school might be a great solution if we had a baby at home. And, still being staff there, I would automatically get a place for our child when they enter kindergarten if I work there that long. It's a great school. But again, my mind has been set on having to find another job, and now there might be a chance that I could keep the job. It's like a big YoYo. As is adoption. It's a huge rollercoaster that we're on right now.

Ups and downs. It's all about ups and downs.


marge said...

it's hard, i know. and with every option or choice comes another several. it's really comforting to know that God has this all in His hands. --all we have to do is be obedient. (easier said than done, i know. ;)

KT said...

I can relate to you on the job front. I have a similar problem. How do you look for a new job knowing that you could potentially have a baby...whenever? It could be tomorrow...or two years from now...

I think what scares me the most is that if I do find another job, and love it...then what?

Debbie B said...

Does not sound like an easy decision. Will be praying you make the right decision.

the misfit said...

There's nothing like really not knowing what will happen tomorrow (even worse than knowing there's a problem coming) to threaten your peace of mind. Praying that you keep the job, since it sounds like it would be such a great setup post-adoption.