Thursday, February 11, 2010

have i ever shown you?

I don't think I have posted many pictures of what I decorated the nursery to look like when we were expecting the baby. I'm still not happy with the wall treatment over the crib and will most likely tweak it at some point. This, of course, was decorated for a girl, but the walls are turquoise and the furniture is white and the rocking chair/recliner is blue-green. We have boy bedding as well, with safari animals and such.

My husband hooked up the iPod to a pair of flower shaped speakers, so that we could have lullabies and such when we were rocking her. The recliner is actually my dad's from my parents' house. When he passed away, I asked for it and planned even then to make it the rocker in our future nursery.

The dresser is actually an adult size dresser that we found at Sofa Express. I am not a huge fan of child sized furniture, so we chose this. It is stocked right now with little girl clothes. mostly donated, but very cute nonetheless.

Charlie and I picked out all the frames and things together, knowing that I would be taking tons of pictures. I am very excited to see what I might be able to fill them with one day.

I just thought that you would like to see a little tour of the nursery. Some days I don't mind walking past it and looking in the doorway. Other days, I have the door closed and I ignore the room.

Any ideas, let me know.

Also, did you notice that Blogger added multiple pages? I added two pages on the sidebar to add backstories to our adoption process should someone want to read the complete story. If a birth mom should stumble across this blog, I want the stories and pictures just a click away. Check 'em out if you want to see more pics of the husband and I, plus read our story. They are right under our picture.


Kathryn said...

Ah! It is so cute!

You are a strong woman to have that all in your house after all you have been through.

I know after our placement fell through I couldn't stand to see the little baby stuff we had around the house.

Praying your time comes quick.

Maria in Lewis Land said...

Sissy, I LOVE it! It's serene and lovely and just perfect for a newborn and his/her mom & dad.

I love that it's already filled with prayers and hopes and dreams. I can't wait til you are writing about your late nights in your dad's chair saying how worth all the waiting and tears were. :) Looking forward to seeing all those filled picture frames.

Blessings and hope, Maria

Lost in Space said...

It is really so beautiful and so soothing for both you and baby. I especially love that your dad's recliner is where you will sit to feed and rock your sleeping little one. It will be like he is right there with you.

Our "nursery" has been an empty room for years and this is one part of the process that I am looking forward to. Thanks for sharing!

the misfit said...

You did a beautiful job with it - I love the color. I can imagine there are days it's too hard to think about. But you're bringing so much out of your sadness.

KT said...

I am the same way...somedays the door just stays closed.

WheelbarrowRider said...

It's perfect! Definitely decorated with love!

Debbie B said...

I really like the art above the crib.
It all looks beautiful. We have a regular dresser for the changing table too. So much easier then having a piece of furniture you won't use after diapers.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

It is a beautiful room.

LenaBug said...

I love the room - thank you for sharing, I know that must have been hard *hugs* I haven't done a room, but I have baby clothes stored away, and some things I've picked up here and there. We're getting ready for a huge inter-state move, and I feel like I should get rid of some of the stuff, but it feels a little like I'd be giving up a dream. *sigh*
Your room is lovely - you are a very talented designer :)

marge said...

i really love the wall color.

E said...

Such a lovely nursery! I really like the wall color and good for a boy or a girl. Our wall decorations, still yet to be hung, are also leaning towards girl. That's why I have a very strong feeling the next match that is "the one" is going to be a boy lol.

Our dresser/changing table was a dining room hutch.

You've done a great job...hope there's a baby in the nursery soon.