Thursday, February 4, 2010

your perspectives were interesting

I thought your opinions on the whole bipolar thing were interesting (if you're curious, see the previous post below.) Most of you said that it would not matter to you, but that it was a personal decision. My friend Tonya, especially, know that anything can happen once you bring a child home, even one that's your biological child.

My own personal experience is from school. We have a set of boy/girl twins here and the girl is bipolar. In k, 1st and 2nd grade she was almost impossible to handle. The school finally stepped in and now the student has a full time aide with her. All day. Helping correct her behavior and helping her make the right choices. It's not an easy job. This is what I think of when I think of bipolar. That made me pause.

But, that all being said, the fees were just too high for us, so I never indicated any more interest to the facilitator than the first email, trusting God that she would contact me if she thought we could be right for them. After checking the adoptlink grid today, I see that two sets of parents have applied to have their profiles shown. Maybe God just wanted me to pray for them. I may never know.

Thanks for your perspectives, though. It was interesting to see what people said about the situation. I felt much better about the possibility of raising them, and intervening early if need be. Hopefully one of these other two couples will get chosen and love these babies to pieces. If not, the facilitator knows where I am, I guess.

I also signed up for a adoption network board, but I don't expect much to come from it. I don't know that I would be able to really believe a girl on there who was looking for adoptive parents. I guess if someone did contact me, I would refer them to our agency to have them checked out. Again, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these forums.


Lost in Space said...

I wanted to stop by to say thanks for your comments. I was not offended in the least bit! I very much appreciate what you had to say and like that you said what you truly believed.

I'm sorry the fees were too high for the latest possible match. The $$ part of this is such a hurdle and I'm sorry it was a limiting factor in this case.

As far as worrying about the babies inheriting bipolar, it is something that would make me think twice, but that is based on my personal experience also. I honestly think (were the fees not an issue) it is still something I would consider. I would just want more information...

E said...

Experiences and/or education are all we have to go on as adoptive parents.

I wouldn't believe anyone on an adoption forum...too many scammers from what I've read about others experiences with those types of sites. Have you looked into referral sites? Sites like those, as well as AdoptLink's are interesting to read to see what types of situations are out there. I can email you the links that I have...I've never seriously considered contacting these agencies myself.