Monday, February 22, 2010

boys, boys, boys, all over the place!

This is Fleecie. She was given to me for Easter a long time ago, and I love her. And you have to say her name with a lisp or it doesn't count. Fleecshy. It's only proper.

Fleecie is here to tell you about all the babies in the last couple of days. I told you about the twin boys born to my friend Ashley. They are doing well and were both over 6 pounds, I believe, which is a great size for twins, as I'm sure you know.

But the other babies I heard about today were both surprise adoptions. One bloggy friend, Jeny, at A Forever Family in the Making, went through a failed placement like we did, only theirs was back in the fall. They traveled all the way to Texas only to have the birthmother change her mind while she was in labor or shortly after the baby was born. Then they had a friend step forward to be a surrogate only to have their doctor tell them they were a good candidate for IVF. She started the meds and then got a call from the birthmother, asking if they still wanted the baby. Yes! They went and picked him up yesterday!!!!! Read her story HERE.

The other is another internet friend of mine who had left one adoption agency for another to have the original one call them up and ask if they still wanted their profile shown to a birthmother who matched their profile. They had it shown, but she chose another family, who, after the birth of the baby boy, backed out. Agency called them you want the baby? YES! They will get him soon.

And my friend Mandy is set to deliver another boy any day now!

Uh-mazing. Completely amazing. I was so happy all day for these four ladies, only two that I know in person! Isn't is wonderful what God can do, even after we think a door is closed?

Fleecie just wanted to spread the good news!!!


Ann - Building a Nest said...

That is so amazing! I can't wait to see how your story will unfold.

Baby Wanted said...

The shoes are adorable...I understand all too well how painful they can be. Our nursery is finished and sometimes it breaks my heart to go in there. I am praying your baby is placed with you soon and will fill those beautiful shoes.

Thanks for posting the amazing stories!

marge said...

God does amazing things. wow! His timing is pretty incredible! Thanks for sharing all this great news!