Friday, January 29, 2010

questions about adoptlink

Does anyone know anything about this faciliator, good or bad? I'm just curious, because she presents quite a few available situations, so I wanted to see what anyone might know about her/them. It's out in California, where many adoption faciliators are, but she seems to get a lot of mothers/situations through.

Aren't there any facilitators east of the Mississippi with that large of a client base? All I have seen are very small companies with one or two situations.

Or am I just crazy not to count on my own agency? Am I the only one who wishes this would hurry up and would love to be connected with a birth mom some other way?

I know someday it will happen. But do I need to help it along or just sit and wait? Give me some perspective on that one. I'd love to know what you think.


Maria in Lewis Land said...

Even though I don't have helpful advice - I can relate to the experience of not feeling confident in the agency or the process. I think any additional help we get to be more available to more people has to be somewhat positive. It, at least, is a message to the universe that we are ready and open. (I hope the universe reads our blogs.:)

WheelbarrowRider said...
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KT said...

I have run accross this site as well. Two things bother me:

1) The expenses seem to be very high.
2) There is no information on the sitautions other than sex/race/date. I suppose maybe you get information on drug/alcohol exposure after you contact them?
3) Location is not given. State laws vary a would be nice to know.

If you find out more, do let me know, for I am curious as well.

RB said...

I don't know about AdopptLink, but we used a facilitator out in California and were fortunate to be profiled on average of once per month while signed with her. We had 2 matches that failed, which was not her fault and is unfortunately a risk we take on this journey, and were matched a 3rd time taht resulted in our daughter. If you'd like more info about our facilitator, feel free to email me at

E said...

We signed with a facilitator in CA, but didn't get a lot of action (more related to our openness to various situations). I was getting antsy and frustrated after 18 months in the process. We then went with an adoption consultant...someone described it to me as a "blanket strategy" because you have access to a number of various agencies and attorneys. We signed with the consultant, went on hold with the facilitator, and were matched 2 months later. Unfortunately, that match failed. It happens. We're hopeful that we'll get matched again...soon. But I'm glad we signed with the consultant because I feel like we have access to more opportunities.

Just me said...

i just signed with adopt link after my neighbors told me about her. They adopted within 6 months. They are two very nice gay guys. i have been on waiting list to adopt from China for over 4 years. If you follow her instructions, your profile can be shown to available birth mothers and she sends you any info she has for 15 dollars per birth mother. You get your profile submitted after her clients and only have to pay her fee if you match