Monday, January 18, 2010

no more whining

Okay, I am over my whining. It comes and goes depending on my mood, I guess. There are times when I feel blessed to be adopting, and other times when I wonder why God didn't make me like other women. It's hard to always know what God intends and to trust that his timing is perfect.

I did come across several adoption situations last week where I ended up emailing the social working involved. Both times the social workers were quick to email me back, which I appreciated, but with news that either the situation had already been matched or that they weren't accepting any more applications/profiles for the situation. One would have been almost perfect for us, with the fees being what we could afford and with the mom looking for a Christian couple. Oh well.

Are there any sites that you all look around at, to read or learn about available situations? Please share, if you would. How do you deal with just sitting and waiting for your agency to call? I would love some tips about that.

Well, today I have the day off and am going to the chiropractor. Church was amazing yesterday and we took up an offering for Haiti, plus our pastor talked about one of our local missionaries taking a medical missions team in a couple of weeks. I was glad that we were able to donate to Convoy of Hope, which already has a warehouse in Haiti that miraculously was not damaged by the earthquake.

If you would like to donate just click HERE. Anything helps!


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Hi Sissy, I clicked over and read your profile on the adoption website and it looked great! What a beautiful birthmother letter you wrote. I hope your wait comes to an end soon! God Bless!