Friday, January 8, 2010

new options

One of the other adoption blogs I have lurked on for some time now, All You Who Hope, just adopted a baby. It came around very quickly and was actually suggested to her from another blogger friend. Imagine that! One of her blogger friends told her about an available situation and they called the attorney, got their money together and went and adopted this baby!

I can't even imagine that.

It took a little over a week and a half!

It's amazing. To think that one day she was sitting there checking her email and then boom! Here's a possibility! Get on it!

And, I didn't know that people posted available situations, either. That was totally new to me. If you don't know, then available situations are when an agency has a birthmother that does not want to chose any of the parents available to them, or is not a good match to anyone the agency is already working with. So, they reach out to other agencies and some even post on various websites, or on their own websites. I had never even heard of this before, and I spent some time last night on the internet looking. Most of the available situations also post the fee associated with that adoption, and many of them are more expensive than we are budgeted to spend with our agency. I can't imagine how we would come up with $30,000 in a month. With our jobs, it just wouldn't happen.

Oh, so last time I posted I was talking about all the various things you think about when beginning to adopt and there certainly are many questions you deal with. When a woman is pregnant, she can control what she eats and if she smokes and if she exercises. When you adopt, you are at the mercy of the birthmom to disclose her habits. It isn't possible to know everything about the health of the baby, or what they will grow up to be, or if they will develop a health problem later, but if the mom smokes pot while she's pregnant, you'd like to know. And sometimes they don't say.

I guess it all comes back to trusting Him to know what's best for us. Trusting Him to know what we can handle. Trusting Him to know the timing and the way it will happen. How much work do I need to do on my end? Should I keep pursuing other options, or just wait for our agency to match us? It's hard to feel like I'm not doing anything.

Anyway, for all the couple of bloggers that read this, if you know of an adoption situation out there that might interest us, comment and let me know. You never know what could happen!


Maria T said...

Wow. A friend of mine just linked me to this precious couple with an amazing adoption story. There's hope!!! I'll bet there are all sorts of untappped resources. Thanks heavens for this linked-up magic and blogland. A whole new world for adoption.

marge said...

how amazing is that?!