Thursday, March 18, 2010

phoebe went to church

Our children's church has been doing a series of lessons based on how dogs behave. They have brought in 10 or 11 dogs, and Phoebe was this week's star. Her lesson was on making choices and following directions and the woman (April) was talking using the theme of dog sledding since Phoebe is part Husky. This picture below is from the area where the k-2 kids meet. At first we thought that I would do it, since Charlie is normally busy on Sundays with all his duties, but Phoebe is so strong and surrounded by kids we thought it would be better if Charlie handled her.

After her first lesson, we took her around to the younger kids, who wanted to pet her. She immediately rolled over and was completely happy to have extra love and attention. Normally, she would also lick, lick, lick everyone, but Charlie managed to keep her head away from the kids.

They asked all sorts of questions about what kind of dog she is and her birthday and what does she like to eat. I was calling out the answers from the back since Charlie didn't seem to be able to remember them!

We were really happy with how she did, and how little jumping she did on people. Sometimes she is really excited to see new people and not very well behaved. I'm glad the kids liked her and impressed that she was calm. We kept telling her that she was going to go to church and get some religion!


marge said...

oh my goodness what a cute pup!
pet her tummy for me

Alison said...

Even doggies need Jesus!
I'm sure you were a proud fur mom watching your dog up there. Phoebe did good!

Kelly said...

Very cool!! I don't think our church would want our dog...she's a jack Russel/ Yorkie mix, VERY hyper!

That's a really cool program!