Thursday, March 11, 2010

a maybe situation

I want to be wearing these, but the weather is not quite there yet. My toes aren't ready yet either! I usually start March with a pedicure, with a gift card given to me my husband on Valentine's Day. But this Valentine's Day, I got the new pots and pans and so I didn't get the pedicure gift card. I really need one, but haven't budgeted the money to do it yet, and I'm very bad at painting them myself.

In other news, I saw an adoption situation online and it sounded like a good fit, so I sent in the registration form that is required in order to be presented to the birth mother. It isn't immediate, since once they receive the form you then have to send in your homestudy, and five copies of your birth mother letter before they will present you. It might be too late for the current situation we are interested in, but this agency regularly updates its situation lists.

My husband asked me why I hadn't registered with them before and I told him that for a couple of months I was really antsy and anxious about the adoption wait, and hadn't wanted to talk with him about it. It seems silly now, but I needed to calm myself down, otherwise I would have been calling and talking to agencies all over the place, getting my hopes up and being let down.

Nothing may come of this, but keep us in your prayers that this referral/adoption agency will see something in us and want to work with us! I would hope that we can at least continue to get our profiles out there and noticed by more birth mothers.

Maybe my flipflops days will be coming soon. It's raining now, and chilly, but someday the sun will come out, my toes will be painted and I'll be sitting on my back patio reading a book. Heaven.


Baby Wanted said...

Nothing beats a beautiful pedicure!

Good luck...I hope something comes out of this and I hope you aren't too late but if you are, hopefully this was the push you needed and you will have your sweet baby in your arms soon!

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Ohh I love a good pedi!! It was 74 here in OK yesterday and right now its 36 dang weather!! Good luck with your adoption plans and maybe something will come out of this situation!

Chasing said...

Love the flops. Praying for this to be the right match for you!

Maru said...

Oh, get the pedi! Get all the pedis you can NOW!!! Once you have your baby you won't have the time! ;o) Good luck! :o)

Alison said...

I love the flip flops. I hate pedicures, but I think you should go for it. Take your mom, maybe she'll pay. Ha!
I frevently pray that this 'maybe' is a push in the right direction. It's hard not to get excited over even a little glimmer of hope.
Have a great weekend!