Monday, March 8, 2010

a peek inside

I love to take pictures. One of the best gifts I have ever received is my Nikon D80, a hunk of a digital camera. Charlie bought it for me last year for mother's day, knowing I would want to take pictures of the baby we thought we were getting. It was one of the best and worst days, best and worst gifts. I wanted the camera so much, not more than I wanted the baby, but to be able to record the moments of her growing.

When the adoption fell through, I didn't touch the camera for several weeks. It was like this object attached to the baby, this gift I got in anticipation of the baby, and I had no baby. It reminded me of her and it was still painful. I finally picked it up and started taking pictures. I started in my yard.

I played around and captured little moments in our backyard. I don't even know what these purple berries are, but I love this picture.

And while I am not really an outdoorsy person, I love greenery and flowers and I like capturing the color around me.

The camera is now one of my best friends. I'm still working on taking pictures of people, capturing who they are, and how to show them in their best light. I like to record celebrations, birthdays, my puppies and things in my house. I'm learning.

It's nice that it's not tainted by the memories any more. In fact, I'm glad I've had it so that I can learn how to best use it by the time we do get a baby. Hopefully, I will be able to take wonderful pictures of our future child.

Hope you enjoy. Spring is beautiful around here, so expect lots of flowers coming soon!


Chasing said...

Great pix. Can't wait for when you will be posting baby pics too!

WheelbarrowRider said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I seriously have taken 5000 pictures of Charlie-so get ready!

Anonymous said...

These photos are beautiful. I just purchased an awesome SLR - still getting used to it though! There will be a time you will use this camera for what you really want it to be used for ... just keep holding on.


Stacie said...

Your pictures are beautiful. This is the perfect time for you to practice and hone your photography skills ... for the future!

Maria in Lewis Land said...

Fantastic. Photography is such a great creative outlet. If I were your agent, I'd tell you to store all your best pictures in a special file, and then when you write a book about your journey toward parenthood, you could use your own photography. :)

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I am super jealous of this camera. Great pictures!

KT said...

I am SO jealous that you have green in your pictures. While it has been warmer here, it still brown and dreary. Although for me, Spring allergies bring many "ah-choo's"...I am SO ready!

LenaBug said...

My camera is my best friend, too. Can't wait to get my new computer so i can really start working with my pictures :)