Friday, March 12, 2010

glimpses of home

This is the truth. The total and absolute truth.

I imported the chocolate. I opened the chocolate. I photographed the chocolate. I ate the chocolate.

It did not last long.

It's been that kind of week.

(linked up with Emily's Glimpses of Home)

And no, I have no info about the situation. It'll take awhile to get our papers together and even submit, so I'll keep you posted if anything happens.


Alison said...

Is that the chocolate from England (?) that you ration out? I hope it was tasty and soul satisfying.
Some weeks are totally chocolate weeks. Well, in my case, most weeks are. But some of them are more urgent than others.
Enjoy your weekend.!

emily said...

This is fantastic. Nothing says home like chocolate.

Bobbie said...

I completely understand.

Jenny said...

Wow... that looks fantastic. I feel like I shouldn't even look at it since I gave up sweets for lent. And... love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...


I am praying for your possible situation. Stay calm and trust in Him, He will lead you through.