Monday, May 11, 2009

nope, not yet

I held myself off as long as I could and I called the agency today. I know, I know, they will call us when the baby is born, but I wanted to know if she was in labor or anything. Not that they would know anyway, because if Vanessa doesn't call to say she is in labor, they don't know anything either.

They didn't know anything except she has an appointment tomorrow where they will talk about inducing. And I don't know how fast that happens...will they send her to the hospital right then, or schedule an appointment? I guess it could be both answers.

I spent some time yesterday thinking about Vanessa, on Mother's Day. It has to be a difficult time for her...knowing she is a mother, but not getting to mother this child. I can't imagine, but I pray for her strength. I pray that she will know peace and that we will love this baby. I already do and she isn't home yet.

That's all for today, folks. Not much to say.


Alison said...

Aw man.
I hate waiting.
Babies are stubborn little things and come on their own time, waiting for the pefect moment to make their appearance.

I'm surprised that you wouldn't be informed when Vanessa is in labor. I just assumed that you'd be privy to that info.

If she's going to be scheduled for an induction, they probably wouldn't send her right away....unless she's showing signs of labor progression or if they have room in the hospital. You're right, it could be either answer. That helps, huh?

Either way, the birth is around the corner.

cindysto2 said...

Although waiting is awful... she is so worth the wait! Remember that God's timing is perfect!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Oh Sissy - I'm praying for you today!! How are you feeling?

Foster Family said...

We too are anxiously awaiting to hear that your baby girl has arrived :) Hang in there.

Mommy said...

Still here. Stil praying. Still waiting with you. Ugh!