Monday, May 4, 2009

a little good news

We did get some news today about the rights that the birthfather has in our case. In order to contest the adoption, he would have had to be giving regular and consistent support to the birthmother throughout the pregnancy, which he has not done. That made us feel a lot more certain about the whole situation. He hasn't even talked to the birthmother since December, although she did finally call him today to help encourage him.

Vanessa's doctor told her that he thought she would give birth this week sometime, but if she didn't have the baby by Thursday that she would need to come in and talk about making a plan to induce. That means we may have a baby next week sometime!

On another note, we have received a couple donations from our church family. Thanks a bunch for all your support. If anyone else would like to help us with our adoption costs and legal fees (about $9,000) see the sidebar and follow the directions.

More will come as soon as we know anything!


Jennifer Henry said...

Continuing to pray for you!!

Alison said...

Well that is good news! And it's very comforting to know that the birthmom is totally on board, encouraging him along.

It's exciting to think you might have a baby in a few days.
Good luck to you guys and to Vanessa, as well. I'm hoping she has a quick and easy delivery.