Thursday, June 17, 2010

welcome to my nook

You all know I'm a librarian, but you may not know I'm not trained as one. I actually have a degree in Art Education, but I love books. I love books. I love the escape, the imagination, the characters, good dialogue and a bit of sarcasm. I love to read.

The only problem is the space books take up in my house. I have one bookshelf and it is full, so books pile up in other places: the ottoman, my nightstand, the counter, the sofa table. It drives my husband crazy.

So we researched and read up and looked around and bought a nook, the Barnes and Noble version of an e-reader. I brought it home and plugged it up and started reading later that night, with one of the free books that BN had to offer. It is a little strange not to be flipping pages or smelling the familiar scent of printing paper, but I have three books loaded, plus the complete works of Jane Austen (because an eligible man in possession of fortune must be in want of a wife.) LOL.

Not that I'll be completely giving up books entirely, because it would not be smart to take my nook into the bath, which is one of my favorite places to read. It will just hopefully be a way to let me travel without taking eight books in my suitcase.

And because it's a gadget, my husband was okay with the purchase. He would have rather had an iPad, but then I would never had gotten to actually use it as he would have been playing with it waaay too much.

Did I mention that the AC went out in the middle of the night? I woke up and was so hot, but just thought the thermostat was set too high, so I adjusted it. And took off my pajamas and went back to bed. Charlie was tossing and turning too, so I knew he was hot. When he got up this morning, he came back to the bedroom to report that the AC was off and that he was trying to call our repairman. Of course, the repairman, the lovely Justin from church, happens to be getting married this weekend and was leaving town today. So now I have all the windows open and the fans on and am listening to the birds and sounds of the neighborhood.

Oh, I did make some brownies yesterday and go to the grocery store, then went to my mom's for dinner and helped her make peanut butter fudge (which is just about the easiest recipe ever.) We talked Bachelorette and crazy tattoo Kasey and how many men kissed sick Ali.

Okay, enough updates.


Sew said...

I do envy you ability to enjoy reading. :) Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic! I used to LOVE it as a kid but I can't seem to get into it as an adult.

I thought that was sick too..>Them kissing allie. I thought show her some respect already! Frank is my favorite! ;)

Alison said...

Enjoy your nook!

I kept thinking the same thing about Ali and her germs and all that kissing. Blech.

I hope you get your AC fixed really soon!

Colleen said...

Have you ever checked out the sight I like it because I can keep track of everything I want to read. :)

Have fun with your nook. I thought the same thing about the IPad. If we had one, I would never have it when I wanted to read! :)

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

I love to read too! I have so many books my hubby made me put them away in a big plastic tub because there is no room in the house for all of them! lol.
I'll have to look into that Nook, it sounds pretty nice.

Bailey's Leaf said...

I like pages. I like turning them. My DS has digital book capability (at least I think that's what I've seen), but I just can't do it.

My husband? He tells me that I'm worse than a Japanese tourist. (No offense to the tourists.) I have so many pictures of randomness because digital allows you to do that. Oh, how I love digital photography.