Friday, June 25, 2010

my nemesis

Our yard is a constant work in progress, and has been since we moved here. The one thing that seems to grow well in our yard are hostas, and I love to photograph the blooms. I can admit it, the lavender flowers make me happy.

What does not make me happy are these berries. Yes, they are pretty, but the tree in question hangs over my driveway and the berries fall this time of year. It is quite a pain because we step all over them and get the stains on our shoes and in the house. The dark blue/purple stains aren't easy to get out of the carpet.

Luckily this is just a once a year thing and it is over in a couple of weeks. My husband threatens every year to chop it down or at least trim the branches over the driveway. The year we had the hailstorm was wonderful, because while it damaged the roof, it knocked all the berries out of the tree. So we had to get the roof reshingled...but we didn't have to deal with the berries that year. Oh, for a hailstorm.

Yes, I'm complaining. There isn't much else to report around here. Life is moving forward a day at a time and I'm enjoying the days I have to rest.

Any annoying things in your yard?


Alison said...

I wouldn't want berry innards on my shoes or on my carpet, either.
We don't have a yard, just two strips of landscaping that flank our driveway. The stuff is still green, which is a victory in my book.

Have a great weekend!

the misfit said...

I have some of the same thing - wild blackberries grow all through my lawn, and you can't see them under the greenery so they're impossible to avoid. (I know, I know, I should just pick them all - they're edible.)

Colleen said...

When we moved in there were 2 apple trees on each side of the yard, neither of which were in our yard but overhung into our yard. Our one neighbor cut their tree down and planted a new tree. It could not have made me happier....the other is my nemesis but luckily it did not bloom this year so the apples will be minimal. They are all junk apples full of bugs so we can't eat them or cook with them. I guess I am saying, consider a new tree without berries. Our neighbors new tree is small but beautiful. It makes me happy! :)

p.s. I do have wonderful compost, thanks partly to a lot of apples!