Tuesday, June 22, 2010

trying to take family photos

So on Saturday we went down to my in-law's house to celebrate Father's Day, and I thought, "why not take a family photo?" I thought this would be a great time to get a nice family shot since all the kids would be there, too.

Well, the plan was for all the kids to meet at the house at 5pm, with Charlie's mom and dad (Tim) arriving at 5:30 for a surprise cookout. The kids had decided to celebrate Father's Day and Tim's birthday in one fell swoop, getting him a present that was really cool (a mac computer.) When Tim and Judy arrived, everyone started running into the living room, corralling the kids. Payden chose this moment to start screaming bloody murder about something and so when Tim came in, there was a weak "surprise!" drowned out by the screaming! Oh my. It was so funny.

Then came picture time.

Me: Okay, we're going to go out into the yard and take a picture.

Everyone else: Where?

Me: Out into the yard. Let's go.

Charlie: Chester, come here (the puppy). Where do you want us to stand?

Me: Right there.

Charlie: Let's get this over with, it's hot.

Notice, no one really paying attention to me. Charlie put down the dog and picked up a runaway child with a balloon. Oh, did I forget to mention that everyone brought a dog with them? So we had a full grown doberman Jake, our lab Lucy, great dane puppy but lab sized dog Evie, lab puppy Chester and the dachshound Ginger. All running around. Well, Ginger ran and hid under the bed, but the other four were running everywhere. With screaming children chasing them or running from them.

Me: Why don't we bring over that little lawn chair?

Someone: Which one?

Me: The little one, for the kids. Does anyone mind sitting on the grass?

Chad: I won't sit on the ground.

Me: Where is Craig going?

Someone: To get something from the house.

Me: Jessica and Steven, will you sit on the grass?

Jessica: Sure.

All the kids running around and dogs wrestling. The kids are playing with balloons and holding them out to puppy Chester, who is biting them and popping them and the kids are crying.

Jessica: I'm going to go get another balloon.

Chad: It's hot.

Charlie: Chester, Evie, stop!

Kids: Wannnnahhahhh!

Me: Tim and Judy, you stand there. Charlie, why are you moving?

Charlie: I thought I would stand on this side?

So I managed to take three pictures after a ten minute set up. This is the best one, with almost everyone looking in the right direction. So I said that we were done and then no one moved. They were all hot and sweaty and no one wanted to sit on the ground, but after three pictures they said no more, but NO ONE MOVED!

Me: You can get up now.

Them: We're comfortable on the ground.

Me: I thought you were hot.

Them: (all talking to each other and ignoring me.)

Me: I'm going into the house. It's hot.

And they still all stayed out there for several more minutes, when I walked into the house and took apart my tripod. It was funny. I could have taken probably five more shots with everyone just sitting there, but I didn't want to push it. I didn't really get the best shots, but good enough to at least put in a frame.

It was such a fun family time! LOL. Charlie and I laughed later at how chaotic the whole thing was with nine adults, three two year olds, five dogs and six balloons. Someone commented at one point that this family needed our own reality show.

We do, we really do.


Alison said...

Whew, I'm glad you finally got some pictures taken. Getting a family together for a picture is like herding cats, right?

Kelly said...

Sounds like my family!! Great shot in the end though!

marge said...

i think it turned out great. sounds quite a bit like the photos for our wedding... outside, in texas, in the summer. hot!

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Sound like a fun time! the picture ended out great though! :)

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

I think the picture is great - and the story just as great (something about a picture saying a thousand words...or does it?). Anyway, next time, what if you also snap photos of everyone chatting. Hanging out in the grass like that - did they all stay put, or did they get up and wander away? What a wonderful action shot that could be. I say this, because I tried valiantly over the weekend to do just as you did. Unfortunately, by the time I got just the people in the shot that I really wanted, my youngest was peeling mulch off her foot with a pined expression, grandpa was leaning too close to granddaughter...it just wasn't perfect. But what I realized today - is that it really is perfect. Because that's life. It's messy. It's melodramatic. It's a masterpiece.

(Good job, by the way - it just caused me to think of my own stream of consciousness today...)