Friday, June 18, 2010

in no particular order

Today I sat down and spent some time deleting photos from my hard drive. I take tons and tons of photos and I never know exactly what I'll need until the time I sit down to blog or print some out for someone. That little 2 inch screen on the back of the camera doesn't give you much detail, and yes, I know I can zoom in, but who wants to do that each picture?

So, anyway, here are some pictures from my files. In no particular order.

1. Wallpaper from kitchen that was original to the house. Ugly 70s wallpaper that matched the yellowy green linoleum. Yikes.

2. Hail from a random, freaky, early June hailstorm last year. It was huge and spiky and ruined our nice grill cover. Which we still haven't replaced.

3. Mad scientists from the Fall Festival.

4. Paint swatches from the dilemma over what color to paint the living room and dining room. The one we chose is on the left-most swatch.

5. My new favorite cookie. Discovered at the store and savored over many weeks.

Enough fun for you? Don't you just love a random post filled with no information whatsoever? I guess you could say you maybe got to know me better, but who really knows?

Oh, Wendy's is fundraising for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption this weekend. Stop in and buy a Frosty and they will donate to the foundation. An easy way to help out a worthy cause.


Alison said...

I love randon posts. Especially picture roulette. It's funny what pictures end up on your camera sometimes. Kind of like a "hmmm, what was I thinking when I took that one?"
Happy weekend!!

JellyBelly said...

Love the photos! Gotta love how digital photography has changed what we take photos of! :)

marge said...

mmmm...cookies. yum.