Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ahhh, summer

We planted trees about a month ago, one of them called a serviceberry, which I had never heard of before. It has pretty leaves though, and these really interestingly colored berries that birds are supposed to like. This post is mostly an excuse to show these pictures and check in and say hello.

It's not that big of a tree yet, but it is supposed to bloom with white flowers.

Also, school's out for the summer, so I am going to get to sleep in Wednesday and Thursday, before I start my part-time job on Friday. I'll be counting money at Michael's Arts and Crafts, and doing some bookkeeping.

So, tomorrow I'll be sleeping in, eating lunch out, and playing with my doggies. Ahh, summer.


KT said...

Oh...I hope they give you a good discount at Michaels...do let me know!

Leila said...

Your pictures are always so gorgeous!

Alison said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm glad you have a few days to sleep in and relax before your Michael's job begins.

PS--I think I've decided on the Nikon D5000. Now, I just have to wait. Until November. Ugh!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Very pretty pictures. I am a little envious. I love Michaels but have never applied there for fear I would spend all that I make and more. LOL