Wednesday, April 8, 2009

panic is setting in...

Things are moving fast. Since Friday night we have cleaned out the nursery, bought a few clothes, announced our good news to the world and been trying to get the rest of the house ready to bring a baby home.

I'm a little panicked. There is so much left to be done and a limited time to get it done. And that's if the baby doesn't come early. Oh dear, if the baby comes early, it's not going to be pretty.

And of course we're worried about the cost. Adoption is expensive and we knew what it would cost going in, but we weren't prepared for it to happen this soon. We have been saving and working hard to get it all together. We have had some donations made to our account, which has been such a blessing! Thank you, if you are one of those dear friends.

Right now all I'm asking for is your prayers. Lots and lots of prayers. Lots and lots of prayers to help us figure it out. WE are going to bring her home. I am going to trust God that He'll work it out. He's blessed us this far with a match sooner than we ever imagined, so I need to trust that it will be perfect, that I can get some rest and get ready for her.

Prayers. People please. Here me on this one and get on your knees. This economy is rough, and money isn't falling out of the thin air, but I have faith that He will come through. But a little added prayer wouldn't hurt.

Thanks a bunch.


Mommy said...

I'm lifting you up today and in the coming weeks. I ask that you do the same for us. DON'T PANIC!

Eph 3:20 is my verse for the past two weeks. Claim it sister!

Frizzy said...

Not sure if this will help you or not but the day Yaya arrived in our house is the day we bought her carseat, highchair, stroller, bottles, diapers, wipes, clothes, formula and pack and play (AKA play pen).

Your daughter won't need much more than that either. You really won't need a highchair right away and you may have a bassinet for your room for the first months instead of a crib.

We met Yaya on March 27th and she came home with us exactly 14 days later. TRUST ME, we get what you're going through whole heartedly! I've given you my number before and will leave it here again. Please feel free to write it down and delete it from this post in case you have questions. 916-966-6153