Sunday, August 1, 2010

a party for Charlie

When I asked Charlie what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said that he wanted to have guys over to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker. He sent out a text message to a whole bunch of guys and 12 of them said they would come! It was quite the party!

We got munchies and a cake and sodas and the guys all showed up and had a great time. While they don't actually bet money, they have a good time and Charlie really enjoyed himself.

I hung out in the back bedroom and watched HGTV and Say Yes to the Dress, and occasionally popped out to take pictures. They played until about 10:30 or so and then they sat around and talked about fantasy football.

He said that this is what he wants to do every year from now on, which I guess means that I won't have to be planning any big family birthday parties for him from now on. Just chips and soda and a cake and I'm done. Yay! And I think he had more fun than when I threw him a big party for one of his birthdays a couple of years ago.

And, he did find a Yankees poster that he wants to hang up in his office, so although I didn't get the right one to begin with, he did end up with something he wanted. So, wife isn't that bad, after all.


KT said...

That's my type of party! With our friends, there would be a $5 or $10 buy-in!

Alison said...

Sometimes the simple things are the most appreciated. Gotta love a no muss, no fuss kind of party.