Sunday, August 22, 2010

is randomness a word?

So now the resumes are being sent out and references are being gathered up and applications sent in and I'm making calls and bugging people in between my shifts at Michaels. I've changed things on my resume so many times and am trying to learn how to gracefully say why I left my old job. Is there a graceful way to say it?

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much, but I'm trying to use my computer time to search for jobs. And I don't have lots to talk about. I wish I had better news, so I'll just give you some random things.

  • Wal-mart rotisserie chicken is just about the best around. I happen to hate going to Wal-mart. Problem.
  • Charlie Netflixed The Great Muppet Caper today (and when did Netflix become a verb?) which is one of my favorite movies from childhood. The Muppets are exactly my style.
  • I accidentally bought some Sour Nerds today. Not as good as regular Nerds.
  • Chris Daughtry came to my church today, while I was working at Michaels. Yup. I missed it.
  • Our dog Phoebe has taken to digging in the front flower bed. She is now banned from the front yard, which is her absolute favorite place to be and is driving us nuts by running to the front door every five seconds.
  • I made spaghetti and meatballs in the crockpot the other night, but then neither of us wanted to eat it. I ate noodles with butter and grated parmesan and Charlie didn't eat.
  • For the staffing agency I met with I had to take a keyboarding test, a 10key test and an Excel test. I think I did okay, although I know I do not 10key properly. I went as fast as I could with my ghetto way of doing it. I was not able to see the scores, so who knows?
  • I stayed up way to late last night watching Sense and Sensibility and I came away thinking that Hugh Grant looks really, really uncomfortable throughout that whole movie, but maybe that is the character. Edward is not as great a character as Mr. Darcy, so maybe that's why P&P is my favorite.
Enough randomness? Oh, and that is my teddy bear, Sammy. He loves me. Yes, I still sleep with him. No, I don't feel bad about admitting it.


Alison said...

If randomness isn't a word, it should be. Thanks for sharing your randomness today.

I think Hugh Grant always looks uncomfortable.

And Sammy is adorable!

the misfit said...

It is.

I threw out my (giant) teddy bear before we moved because it was grubby and all the seams needed repairing and I just never got around to it - plus my DH thought it was weird. And then we got in a fight about something before going to bed and I wanted my teddy bear to hold onto and I didn't have it and I CRIED. I still miss it sometimes. I am admitting this - only because I am pseudonymous! You are braver.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Didn't your old job leave you, rather than you leaving it?

"Position was dissolved."

Problem handled, I think.

Jamie said...

I still sleep cuddled up with a blanket. Drew laughs at me because of it.

the lady of the house said...

I wanted to stop by and let you know about Flower Patch Farmgirl - she write a cute little blog, she has adopted 3 kids and she is writing a series about Adoption. Just thought you might be blessed by her words. I know I am.

Sincerely, The Lady of the House

Frizzy and Bird said...

Sending you hugs.