Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter wonderland

We are under another blanket of snow and ice here in North Carolina, and this is one of the winters I can remember with a lot of snow. Some years we barely get anything, some years we get 18 inches in two weeks and the town shuts down completely. That was the year 2000 by the way.

Not too much going on around here. We finally took down our Christmas tree and I was sad to see it go. It was a really good tree and still wasn't losing many needles, even though we got it the first week of December. It probably would have lasted a couple more weeks, and I would have loved it, but it was time for the other stuff to come down and the trash was today, so out went the tree. Goodbye, Christmas.

All the schools have been out because of the snow, but now that I work in an office, I had to get up and go in. Charlie said, "Welcome to the real world." I said, "Shut up."

There seems to be a lull all around in the adoption world, and in all the sites I normally check in on. I was praying the other day that this would be our year, but I prayed that last year too, so who knows what will happen. I'll just keep mothering my doggies until it actually happens. We did finally get the official copy of our updated home study last week, so that is signed and sealed and valid for another 18 months. Hooray.


That's about it for now. Hope you are all well. Oh, I did notice that this blog has 37 followers! That was cool. I mean, I read some blogs that have hundreds and hundreds, but I think I actually know most of you through your own blogs, so that's cool. I talk about my bloggy friends all the time to my husband, and I think he likes that you all are here to support me and listen to my rambling so he doesn't have to! LOL.

Happy Tuesday, my friends.


Maria said...

What a gorgeous picture!

There does seem to be a serious lull in the adoption world - it's like a drought. But, as my husband says, we don't need there to be a plethora of birthparents choosing to place - just one who chooses us.

I certainly am praying that this is your year. Blessings and peace... M<><

Amy said...

Hi i am #38. I beautiful shot. We are waiting for a storm to hit us up north.... Probably the same storm you just had.

Alena said...

My hubby feels the same way about my bog, and all of you! :)

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Beautiful picture

Frizzy and Bird said...

We're just about to redo our certification here. Seeing that deadline breaks my heart just as I know it must yours.

At least we know we're not in this alone. Like you, my hubby sure is happy to know I can chat with others here for added support. Going through this the first time w/o people who had been there before or were in the trenches with us was much harder. Sending you hugs and hoping this is the year for both of us my dear.

Alison said...

I pray this is your year, too.

Jamie said...

I was also sad to see our tree go. Did you read my blog about it falling down? I was forced to take it down.

Lost in Space said...

Such a pretty picture! We had snow in SoCal on Jan 2nd. It hasn't snowed where I live since 1988 so although it was only a couple inches it was a pretty big deal!

I don't do the followers thing as I am terrible about keeping up with these kinds of things, but subscribe to your blog through Google Reader. Just checked and you have 75 subscribers through there! Looks like a lot more people are reading than you thought. (-;