Tuesday, August 14, 2012

little toes

While life may never be completely normal again, it is getting into more of a routine, which is good for me.  Although, the routine will change once again when I go back to work Thursday of next week.  School starts on the 27th and Jackson will be 7 weeks old by then.  I didn't really want to miss the first day of school, even though I could have taken more time. 

I'm still getting used to thinking of myself as a mom.  It comes and goes.  When I'm with him, I understand it and what I'm supposed to do, but when I'm alone, I'm not obsessed by it.  I can enjoy being alone and not worry that he's okay.  I think that's good.  Yesterday I called the dentist because the filling I got two weeks ago was still sensitive and I thought it needed to be adjusted.  They asked if I could come right then.  Two months ago I would have gotten right in the car, but instead I blurted out, "We just got a baby, so I have to arrange childcare."  So I went today and my mom came and stayed with Jackson.  Would it have been appropriate for me to take him? 

He's doing well and growing and starting to have more of a personality.  He likes baths, which is good, cause I do too!  He likes his swing and his Boppy and the pacifier from the hospital. 

Ok, he's awake and crying so talk to you later!


All in His Perfect Timing said...

Baby toes are the CUTEST!
I think at even 7 weeks, if he was a good sleeper in the carrier you could do a dentist appointment, but in a few more weeks, not so much.
Watching Jackson develop his personality must be so much fun! Seeing those smiles makes your heart melt.

Patiently Waiting...... said...

So happy to read an update of your growing baby! Being a mom still feels so surreal, doesn't it?!?! Congrats, again!

Sarah said...

Hi Sissy, I am Caroline Gilmore's sister and followed your blog a LONG time ago! Caroline told me of your great news yesterday! Congrats!!!! So exciting! Your little boy is precious and it sounds like your heart and life are full of all things newborn. I am a moderator on a community of women who use the babywise/babywhisperer methods for establishing a routine, etc for your baby and it's an amazing and helpful place. Please let me know if you need or want any more info on it. lsiseley@bellsouth.net

Enjoy those little sweet piggies. They get big and stinky before too long! Haha! He is precious!

the misfit said...

Did you say, literally, "Got a baby?" And how did they respond? :)

Tulani Cambareri said...

You made a comment about whether it would have been appropriate to take your baby to the dentist... of course it is ok to take your baby with you.