Wednesday, May 4, 2011

shhhh, can you hear it?

A whisper of an adoption possibility came along today. Our case manager called and said they are meeting with two birth mothers next week that me our profile and that she thought one might be a good match for us.

I got excited, I can't lie about that. Then, realistic me, stomped down on that excitement and realized that it can all fall through and I can't control it and that we need lots of prayer.

Please pray that these women will stand firm in their commitment to choose life and adoption.

Please pray that we will remain calm and comforted in this time of waiting. Let us live life.

Please pray that if we are the best match for either of this women, they will be drawn to our awesome profile!

Okay? Get on it.


Chasing said...


J said...

I'm praying!! Nothing would make me happier than to see one of them pick you guys! :)

JellyBelly said...


Karrie said...

Praying Sissy!
I know how hard it is to not get excited. I pray that God gives you peace while you wait.

Alison said...

Praying for you!

Frizzy said...

Sissy, Oh man! I know exactly how you feel. You want to be excited. You want to believe this could be it. You want to be hopeful in the Lord and all things good. Then, reality hits and the past comes back to haunt you. The questions, the doubt, the what ifs?

I will be praying for you to be content in all of this. I will be praying for you and your hubby to continue on with life as if nothing is going on behind the scenes. I will be praying your questions about these situations will not engulf you and your emotions.

Above all, I will be praying that you trust in the Lord's plan for this young woman her child and of course for your family. Sending you hugs my sweet friend. I wish I could squeeze you right now and tell you it will all work out.

BTW, My friends who were chosen about a month ago are waiting for THE call. Their birthmom is in the process of delivering as I type. They all need tons of prayers.

Patiently Waiting...... said...

Praying and Praying! I have been following your journey and feel hopeful that your time is near! God Bless!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Got it. On it!

A Family of Love said...


marge said...

this is exciting!
please keep us posted!