Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the farmer's market

In an attempt to keep my mind off other, more adoption-related topics, I'm going to tell you about a recent outing. No, nothing else has happened. We don't have any news. So...

A couple of weeks ago, Charlie, my Mom and I went to the Farmer's market. I took my camera along and had some fun! Don't know what all the plants are, but thought they were pretty.

Something purple!

Charlie and I went around and around and tasted all the strawberries at each different stand, and then went back to this stand to buy. They were the best, although they were covered in sand. We brought them home and while I was outside reading at the patio table, Charlie went in and washed them all and hulled them! He had no idea that you didn't wash them until you were going to eat them, and I didn't understand why he thought cutting off the "handle" was helpful. LOL. Seriously, folks, it was a gallon of strawberries that we then had to eat in about three days.

Pretty flower. Orange one.

The wide view.

Multi-colored marigolds! There was a whole table of them and they were so beautiful!


Lost in Space said...

That is a whole lot of strawberries to eat! Great photo of them.

Hoping for good news for you soon...

KT said...

That is a really nice structure for a farmer's market! I will have to take a picture of ours when they open for the year (after Memorial day).

Brenda said...

Stupid blogger eating our comments!

Love the pictures (especially the strawberries) and love the hubby washing all the strawberries story. Too cute.