Saturday, May 28, 2011

Knocked Down

Ever feel like this?

I don't know for sure that one of the birth moms picked someone else, but I know the other one put off her meeting. When I called the agency the other day they said they had just been looking at our profile in preparation for meeting with her after memorial day. They said to keep praying because she wasn't 100% sure about placing the baby.

I felt like I'd been knocked on my butt again.

It seems like so many around the blogosphere are getting matched or getting babies and even though we've got all these feelers out there, nothing seems to be panning out. I was just in the nursery, putting something in the closet, looking at all the stuff in there that's just waiting to be used. Most of it is over two years old. I'm sure half the safety standards on carseats, strollers and cribs have changed since we bought that stuff! LOL. Anyway, I said to God "I'd like this stuff to be used soon. Okay?" My own little conversations with God go like that.

Anyway, not much else to report. It's been a productive day in that I've gotten half the house cleaned, spray painted some more frames for my dining room wall and am getting ready to hang them up. I'll show pics when I get them arranged to my liking. And we're having friends over for dinner, so that should be fun. I've been on a roll kicking Charlie's butt in Scrabble.

And the song "My Wish" from Rascal Flatts makes me cry each time. And it just came on Pandora while I'm typing this. Such an awesome song. And half the time I sing it as a prayer for people I know.

Well, am thinking of all of you. Happy Weekend.


Frizzy said...

I get it. I really really do.

I'm to the point where I just want to get rid of all Yaya's hand me downs and the little boy outfits I've received during swaps at the church JUST IN CASE. I'm not giving up but there are days where I too feel like I've just been knocked on my butt for the last time.

Sending you continued prayers during your wait.

marge said...

i am praying for you. please please please do not give up. :)

Maria said...

Feeling for you, my friend. We were recently chosen by a birthmother who was five weeks away from delivery. We were ecstatic. For some reason we decided to tell no one until we met with the birthmother who was excited to meet us (and G). The day of the meeting my husband took off work so we could drive to the neighboring city - and as we were leaving got the call that she changed her mind. Silent devastation. We later found out she chose to parent but it still stung. Blessed to have our one munchkin, but the yearning is still the same for another. My heart is with you. A rocky road indeed.

A Family of Love said...

Praying for you!