Saturday, July 3, 2010

my saturday

Today I started out with the best of intentions. I tried to sleep in, but I kept waking up and finally just got up. Charlie and I had talked about washing the cars today and cleaning the inside, plus I was going to weed the front flower bed. Since the flower bed was in the shade at that time, I started with weeding. I got that done about the same time Charlie came home from his Saturday morning coffee date with his friend Tim.

Before we could wash the cars, we had to wash off the driveway from all the berries that have fallen this week. My husband always throws in that we wouldn't have this problem if I would let hm cut off branches or cut down the tree. I point out that we like having the shade the other 48 weeks of the year and it provides us a little more division between our yard and our neighbors. Plus, I get to take cool pictures of the berries, right? LOL.

But once all that cleaning was done, and I could rest, I got a little blue. I've been in a little bit of a funk the rest of the afternoon. We even gave Lucy a bath, and that is normally a pretty fun time, since she is all wiggly and cute when wet. Today she even turned around and licked a big swipe of shampoo of her side and had all this green shampoo in her mouth that we had to rinse out. But I'm still feeling a little out of sorts, and it isn't PMS. I guess I don't really know what's bothering me, but I feel like I could cry. But my husband just called and said he would bring me a hot fudge sundae, so that will be a nice treat.

Hmmm. Hopefully things will look up tomorrow.


Bailey's Leaf said...

So sorry that it is a sad day. At least you were productive, yes?

Hot fudge, take me away!

Alison said...

Hot fudge is great therapy. While your day was a productive one, I'm sorry you're feeling blue.
I hope your evening turns around.


Foster Family said...

Hoping to catch up with you soon. Sorry you were having a blue day.

Colleen said...

Sometimes for me the feeling blue feelings come from a holiday or big day. For some reason, even though it has nothing to do with kids, the anticipation of a holiday bothers me. Hope the rest of the weekend went well.

marge said...

ah, the blues. they're the blues when you're sad and the "mean reds" when you're angry for no reason. --learned that from breakfast at tiffany's.
hot fudge sundaes make everything better. ;)

the misfit said...

I've felt like that now and again recently myself. But hot fudge sundae delivery sounds like good medicine to me :).