Wednesday, November 25, 2009

november update

So I did get some news this week. Our adoption agency wanted to see if they could have lunch with Charlie and me. It seems they are working on ways to reach out to adoptive parents while they are in the waiting stage, and offer some support. Although, we couldn't meet up with them due to scheduling stuff at this time of year, I thought it was a really nice gesture. As you might have read over the last couple of posts, I am tired of waiting. It was nice to have them be there to support us and want to reach out.

The other news was that they are working with two birthmothers, and possibly a third. That was great news for us. When last we talked to them, they were in a lull and hadn't had any calls. While they may not even meet our qualifications (like for race or religion or whatever) and they may not choose us, it is at least good news that they are getting some business. It improves the odds that we MIGHT get chosen, right?

So, keep praying for us. It would be wonderful if we could get chosen, but just keep praying that our agency continues to get calls and birthmothers.


Marge said...

that is exciting that there are possibilities! 3 is better than nothing!
i'll keep you in my prayers

Maria in Lewisland said...

I truly loved your post on waiting and am so happy to hear that your agency is nuturing it's adoptive couples. That's HUGE. What helps me in the adoption wait is the fact that we are not waiting for the next available baby - we are waiting for OUR baby. God's already chosen that baby. Looking forward to hearing of your awesome dream unfold.