Thursday, October 8, 2009

waiting for the phone to ring...

Every time my phone rings I want it to be the adoption agency calling me to tell me we have again been matched with a birthmom or baby. I check my phone multiple times daily if I think of it, and I want to see a call from them so badly. Today I was sitting at my computer at work when my screen lit up and the phone was vibrating, and it was the right area code for the agency. Unfortunately, I had a class with me and couldn't take the call, but the minute they walked out I checked my messages.

It was indeed the agency, but not calling with any good news. They were returning my call from earlier in the week, and letting me know that they were experiencing a lull. Yup, a lull. They had a really busy spring and summer and now they didn't have many birthmoms to work with. She told me that all we needed to do was pray that they would start getting some calls.

I felt weird about this part, and had to think about it for a minute. I actually laughed when I realized why I thought her request was strange. I reacted to the fact that she wanted me to pray that they would get more calls from pregnant girls and it seemed to me like I was praying for a girl to get pregnant so I could have her baby! I really laughed. That isn't what she meant at all. She meant, not in so many words, that we should pray that pregnant women who don't want to parent, or can't parent her baby, will chose adoption over abortion, and would call them. That's the prayer. I don't want to cause additional people to accidentally get pregnant just so I can adopt a baby, but I would consider it a blessing for a woman to choose me to parent her child instead of visiting an abortion clinic. It tickled me, that's all.

I had been feeling all week that something was going to happen, and I don't know where the feeling came from, since now it seems so wrong. I was way off, thinking that we were going to be chosen, when they are in the middle of a lull in regards to birthmothers. And who really knows what will happen, but it seems that we will be waiting longer.

So, if you will, join us in prayer for birthmoms, that they can make good choices and give their unwanted babies homes in the arms of loving couples who long to be a family. Pray specifically for New Life Christian Adoptions if you would, and pray that Kelly and LeighAnn will be God's instruments of peace for these women.



Maria in Lewisland said...

Oh...that darn phone. Worst enemy and best friend of a waiting adoptive couple. SAME thing happened to us. There were mothers placing babies left and right just before we turned in our profile --- then nada. Oh -- and on the night we got "the call" was the only night I didn't have my phone glued to me. I looked at it before I left the house and laughed - thinking, well apparently no one's calling me - so I'll just leave it. Thank heavens my husband had his.
Something that I kept telling myself during the wait was, "I'm not waiting for many babies --- only ours." God knows who that is for you. Wait well, my friend.

Melissa Stover said...

(great phone!)
i pray all the time that people considering abortion (and it doesn't have to be a teenage girl, my aunt adopted from a married woman!) will choose adoption instead.

Marge said...

this is my first time reading your blog. we just adopted our son last year and currently have a foster kiddo. i know how you feel, waiting for the phone to ring, much like waiting for a pot to boil, only with more expectation! i will be praying for you!

redeemed diva said...

I got your back girl! I am praying for you

Liz said...

This post really touched me. My cousins are adopted, and I cannot imagine my life without them. Whenever asked whether I'm pro-life or pro-choice, I just shake my head and say "Pro-adoption."

Allie said...

I made a pact with myself once our profile went active that I wouldn't drain myself in anticipation of that call that changes our life. When The Call suddenly came a few weeks ago, it came on the phone I didn't expect (my home, instead of my cell). But the heart does strange things sometimes, doesn't it?

And to celebrate my return from lurkerdom (it's been a looooong while), I'm tagging you as a Kreativ Blogger!

(and the call comes when you least expect it!!)


emily said...

I too hope that call comes when you least expect it...and will pray that those pregnant moms will choose life. thanks for sharing with us, Sissy.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

This is the first time i found your blog...and it really moved me.
I hope that the phone rings for you!!