Sunday, October 4, 2009


Not much to say at this point. We're just waiting and believing that He knows the timing better than we do.

It's funny though...last time we found out we were matched, I got the news on a Friday. And now, EVERY Friday, I think it's going to happen again. Just because it happened on a Friday last time doesn't mean it will happen that way again. Weird how our mind makes us think about things that way.

Really. I really don't have much to talk about. Check in on Mommy and the Wombles (on my sidebar) and pray for them as they adjust to adopting a little girl from China.


Frizzy said...

It's funny how our minds do this to us. I had dreams of a baby boy for months. You can imagine to this day we're still shocked to have a girl. Esp since we were told girls are much harder to adopt due to the number of requests. Hugs to you all as you continue to wait. Patiently I might add.