Tuesday, July 22, 2014

writing about infertility

Well, I know I haven't written in ages, but I wanted to say I'm still here!  The past six months I have been focusing on writing an inspirational novel based on infertility.  I'm attending the SheSpeaks conference this weekend in Charlotte, NC, so if any of you are planning to be there, let me know.  I'd love to meet in person. 

Jackson turned two this month and is becoming quite the big boy.  We bought him a toddler bike and I think his favorite thing about it is the helmet (not the one pictured, he has dinosaurs on his!)  He's getting used to it and says "bike, bike" all the time. 

He's also saying a lot of words, and getting his two year molars.  He has two popping through right now, so we've been seeing some fussiness and crankiness, which he normally is not.  Even though he does have his share of tantrums on occasion, he gets over them quickly and is laughing in three minutes.  He calls himself "Jacks" and will say "Jacks, juice?" when he wants some juice.  He uses other sentences as well and is just getting to be a lot of fun to be around.

Okay, back to the book.  The character I'm writing about is experiencing endometriosis.  I have PCOS, which I did not want to write about.  But, for those of you who dealt with endo, can you comment or email me and let me know how you were diagnosed?  How were you treated?  When was it most painful?  Just basically give me all the details.  I'd appreciate it to make it more authentic.  I've done research online and talked with an OB-GYN, but that doesn't mean I know how it feels. 

Well, hope you all are well!


All in His Perfect Timing said...

I LOVE your update! Oh, what a little cutie! <3 He is just precious!!!
I think it is so cool that you are writing a novel! I have Endometriosis and I was diagnosed through surgery (laprascopic with 3 little incisions), then had to go back for a laparotomy (major C-section-like cut across the abdomen) where they cauterized all the endo and removed my appendix.
When I had just started my period ... maybe 6 cycles in ... I started having terrible pain and cramps each CD 1 and sometimes CD2. My mom just told me that was what her experience was, so I just thought that was how it was going to be. It seemed like periods were supposed to be painful and I should just accept that. I ate ibuprofen like candy for CD1 and CD2, because if I didn't, the pain would become unbearable and I would sob uncontrollably because it hurt so bad.
I was diagnosed once I was seeking treatment for infertility. I mentioned the painful periods for my symptoms and they thought of Endo, but it wasn't confirmed until my surgeries.
I don't know if I got all your questions, but if I can help further in any way, I'd be glad to. You can email: AllinHisPerfectTiming at gmail dot com.
Let me know when your book is out ... I would LOVE to read it!!

Jessica Davidson said...

I hope your book is a success, Sissy. It would be just great to see it. I haven't heard from you for ages, but I'm sure you're all right. Let the Lord bring you only happiness and joy in your life. Let He be your mentor and guide.
Jess (freelancehouse - write my essay editor-in-chief)

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