Thursday, January 2, 2014

Questions for the New Year

Christmas turned out really well for a boy that is 17 months old.  He still wasn't quite sure what to do with all the wrapping paper and everyone sitting around a tree, but he liked being given new toys.  His favorite so far are a toy cellphone and a set of mega blocks.  He also got the little set of table and chairs you see in the picture and loves climbing in and out of the chairs.  He can entertain himself with the chair for at least 30 minutes.

Oh, and the little stuffed lion he's holding in the picture is Leo.  Leo is Jackson's very best friend.  He likes to carry him around, chew on the feet, use him as a pillow and give him kisses.  In fact, the other day Jackson was in a corner behind our baby swing and all I could hear was kisses.  When I investigated he was in the corner kissing Leo.  I told Jackson it was way too early to be hiding in corners making out!  :)

So, here's a question.  How do you Moms out there discipline a 17 month old?  I know there isn't too much you can do, and he really isn't a trouble-maker, but there are a few things we'd like him to learn not to do.  We have used time out and have said "no" and taken things away, but I would love some other suggestions.  I was spanked as a child (very few times, in only very serious situations) and don't think that is appropriate for his age or the disobedience.  It would be helpful to get some advice.

Thanks in advance! 


Maria said...

Hi Sissy,
Hope you are well. Love getting to see a picture of Jackson! He's just so precious.

I don't have a lot of advice for you - but here's a helpful tip a friend gave me. If the behavior you're trying to correct involves an object (a toy, the dog's food, something they could break, etc) and you must shake your finger and say "no, no, no", try to direct it to the object and not the child. I used to (and still do) put objects in time out to introduce the concept and to remove temptation in an effort to redirect. I think I started brief time outs with G between 18 and 24 months.

gratitude4him said...

Hello, I just read through you whole story and am so encouraged. I have struggled with infertility since 1999 and have tried everything. My husband and I are trying to adopt through Foster Care and have had the little one for 3 months now from birth. Thank you for your inspiration!-Stephanie H.