Monday, July 23, 2012

more about Jackson

So, we've had the baby for almost a week now and he's doing pretty good.  Charlie and I are getting used to having another person in the house and getting used to taking care of him.  I think learning how to change his clothes was the most awkward part.  He does not like to stretch out his arms, so getting him into the sleeves is the most challenging.  We've done pretty well switching off nights to get up and feed him and so that part hasn't been too bad.  That's the bonus of not breast feeding, I guess. 

We had our first doctor's appointment this morning and it went well.  We had no idea what to expect, but it was fine.  He's 3oz over his birth weight and they were happy with that.  Everything else went well and they gave us some cans of formula!! YAY!  People are asking us what we need and we tell them to look at our registries or to get us Target cards for formula.  Luckily, we live about three minutes from a Target so if we need anything, Charlie can just run out. 

We've had a steady stream of visitors, but today we are getting a little alone time.  I ran the dishwasher today and did a few normal housework things, like changing our sheets.  I know it will take time to establish the routine that will work for us. 

I think the thing that has been the most fun was watching Charlie put together the swing last night.  It cracked me up, and not because of Charlie's assembly skills.  I could not believe how many pieces were in the box!!  I guess most people put the things together before the baby comes, but I had to laugh at how Charlie took over the living room to assemble it and I spent time in the nursery.  The bonus is that Jackson loves it and it swings and vibrates.

Ok, some of you need to tell me how you chose baby things.  When looking at all the baby pack and plays and swings and things at Babies R Us, I kept gravitating towards the items with muted colors.  I finally realized it was because I wanted the stuff to match the rooms in our house.  Not the nursery, mind you, but the living room and our living room is a beige/gold color with rust and pale green accents.  The swing and pack and play we picked out are khaki and green and peach and does not stick out like a sore thumb.  Anyone else like that or just me?

So, that's the update for today and we'll see how much time I get over the next couple of days to share.  Again, too, I realize that some of you may stop reading now that this adoption blog will have baby pictures on it and that's alright.  I understand.  I don't think I'm going to be gushing all the time about Jackson, but we'll see. 

Hope you enjoy the pics!


All in His Perfect Timing said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Keep gushing if you'd like, because I'd like to hear all about him. :)
Do you have a Sams Club? We figured out that the formula there is less expensive than Walmart or Target. And you get more. Similac is what we use (blue lid).
I would get what you like for the big baby items (pack 'n' play, swing, etc) ... I wanted to pick neutrals, not because of colors or anything, but because we hope to have another baby someday and it might be a "she." Plus, you won't have the swing up forever, so it isn't permanent. :)
We have the same bottles and love them too! The nipples don't deflate like some of the other brands we've been gifted.
I'm so glad Jackson is growing and gaining! He's SO CUTE! and SO TINY! <3

More Than Anything said...

Gush away!! I love hearing all about the babies!

He is adorable.

Karrie said...

Congratulations!!! And PLEASE!!! Gush all you want!!!!! I love it!

Karrie in southern Indiana

Karrie said...

Congratulations!!! And PLEASE!!! Gush all you want!!!!! I love it!

Karrie in southern Indiana

Tracey Brumlik said...

Love the pictures and so remember that happy time. We too matched some stuff to the living room and some to his bedroom. Would love to chat with you. I too adopted a son. If you want someone to talk to just ask and I can email you my phone number. We bought tons of stuff we didn't need and a lot of stuff we couldn't live with out: like a wipe warmer and a bottle warmer...good luck and God Bless

maggie may said...

what a beautiful little man! can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!

Laurie said...

Oh fantastic!!! Can't wait to see nursery pictures! I have been following your blog for years now and cannot BELIEVE this day has come! I always tell my friends riding the fence on doing IVF vs adoption: "Adoption may be a long road but in the end you WILL have a baby unlike the gamble of IVF." You are a testimony to that fact, girl!!!

Gretch & Jim said...

Oh my gosh -- Sissy, I've been following your blog for quite awhile now and I am so PLEASED to see your good news! We've had a rough month with our own adoption failing, but this gives me such joy and hope. CONGRATS!!!

Kelly said...

You waited too long to not gush over your little guy!!!!