Monday, April 9, 2012

buck-teeth and bunnies

The big hit at the annual egg hunt was these bunny teeth themed pacifier lollipops that Charlie found at the dollar store.  After a big afternoon, the kids were suddenly quiet with these in their mouths. 

Hope you all had a Happy Easter.  We had a great afternoon with lovely weather and four wheeler rides, which I was pretty sure I wasn't going to do, then I actually hopped on and four wheeled myself through some lovely mud puddles.  Unexpected fun!

This week I'm back at work and tired already this evening, so I'm off to bed.  I know this is short, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing the nephews and niece. 


KT said...

hehehehe... :)

JellyBelly said...

What a funny photo!!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Love the teeth!
Who knew that it would result in a quiet afternoon!?! :-)
Happy Easter!