Monday, February 28, 2011

waiting for the sun

There are days when a prospective adoptive parent just feels discouraged. Like today. When it has been more than two years and you are still waiting and the last adoption situation you inquired about was $46, 250 (waaaaaayyyyy out of reach.)

Discouraged. Of course, it doesn't help that it was pouring down rain today, which doesn't add to anyone's good mood. Rain, go away.

Lately I've been feeling more hopeful that our baby is coming soon, and I think I mentioned that we just bought a minivan. It was just fate, I think. I mean, I'd always planned to get one once we had kids, but when the worlds collided and everything worked out perfectly for us to get one now, I was thrilled. It was the right price with the right features and is a lovely silvery-gold color (technically called Silver Pearl Metallic.) And the carseat will fit perfectly and we'll have lots of room. Now just need the baby!

I think I posted in December about some kids from our church that we were spending time with, and lest you think we are adopting them, let me update you. We have pulled back a little bit. We pitched in and gave them some time and love and support, but God has firmly told us NO about adopting them. I constantly carried a uncomfortable-ness in the pit of my stomach when considering that option, and I was never given peace about it. It felt too much like we were trying to force something that was not meant to be.

Our church is offering a foster-care licensing class starting next week, and we are signed up. Don't know that we will end up fostering, but I do think that it will be an interesting class.

Well, that is the update from this neck of the woods. Not too much to say. We are updating our profile and have had some interesting things cross our radar, but nothing that has turned out. We keep praying.

Talk to you soon!


Alison said...

I'm glad to see you posting, Sissy. I've been thinking about you and I'm praying that sometime very soon your minivan will be filled with kid stuff, smeary handprints on the windows and goldfish crackers in every crack and crevice.


Maria said...

Our minivan came right before our baby. I think it's a sign to the universe that you are ready and full of faith and hope. :) Looking forward to reading all about the miracle that lies ahead of you.