Sunday, October 10, 2010

i love fall

I really do like autumn. I like the way that the air cools off, and the way the colors of the leaves are a great contrast to all the green of spring and summer. I love the shapes of the leaves and the way a great wind and the corner of a building can make that whole "Pocahontas" leaf swirl happen. I love the way the sun warms up everything during the day and how the sunset is so dramatic.

I love apple cider and pumpkin pie (with cool whip, of course). I love my birthday, which is in November. I even love this pretend song I made up about turkeys that I sing every Thanksgiving ( Charlie does NOT love the song, btw.)

I love to decorate for fall and Christmas. It's a problem, since I still work part-time at Michaels, and am in the arms of temptation every time I work. Yes, I get a discount, but I don't want to spend my whole paycheck there. I love all the sparkly, jeweled fruits and garlands and leaves and pumpkins. And the store has a curious mix of potpourri and silk flowers that I love. It's smell that I can totally identify with and love.

What do you love about fall?


KT said...

I could not work at would be a train wreck.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Hi! Great to find a fellow North Carolinian. I'm from Charlotte. Love your blog and I hope to know you more!

Alison said...

My paycheck wouldn't have a chance if I worked at Michaels. I love fall too.
The warm, cinnaminy smells, mums, changing leaves (hooray for VA's four season) and especially all the crazy gourds.
Hooray for fall!

Frizzy and Bird said...

One store I know I can't work in for that exact reason is Michaels or Joannes. DANGER DANGER!

Love how you described fall and the swirling of the leaves. I can totally picture it and am smiling as a result. Thank you.