Thursday, July 9, 2009

holding pattern

Not much to report at this time, since we are playing the waiting game again. I am working on our new profile book little by little, since we need to submit one in the appropriate size. We did have a random call from a friend about someone who was going to place a baby boy for adoption, but nothing came of it. I wasn't sure what to think about it, and it happened fast and then was over fast. The whole situation happened in a matter of two or three days.

We had to cancel the shower we planned and I hated that. I really felt embarrassed that we planned that big party and then had to undo all those plans, although I had no reason to feel embarrassed. I did nothing wrong. I am allowed to celebrate and mourn.

For now everything is in a holding pattern. The carseat is ready. The stroller is ready. The room is ready and our house is baby proofed. We just need an actual baby, so keep praying. And just in case you might actually know someone who wants to place a baby for adoption, keep us in mind. I know that sounds like some weird networking system, but some couples really go all out to make others aware that they are adopting. We could even write letters and circulate them to OB-GYN offices if we were so inclined, but I find that a little, I don't know, odd. That isn't even a good word, and I don't know what the right word is. We just know we want a baby, and I just keep trusting the Lord that it will happen.

Keep us in your prayers, that we will be walking down the path God intends and that He will bring us the perfect baby for our family. I want to stand firmly in His will.


Jami said...

Hey Sissy - I just want you to know that I'm praying for you right now.