Thursday, January 22, 2009

take a stab at it...

Yeah! Our packet was approved and we are now in the second big round of paperwork. I just got it today, and it is quite a packet of forms. There is one 39 page questionaire that we need to fill out before the social worker comes to talk with us at our home. Yup, you read that right. THIRTY-NINE pages. I read through it a little bit today and here are some sample questions:

  1. How were you disciplined as a child? Do you agree with this type of discipline?
  2. How did you meet your husband?
  3. Describe your first date.
  4. What do you think your wife likes most about you?
  5. Have you ever been under the care of a therapist or counselor?
  6. Did you have any pets growing up?
  7. Decsribe the layout of your house...where does each person sleep?
  8. What is in your backyard?
  9. How long have you had your job?
  10. Who will raise the kids in the event of your untimely death? How much money do they make?
  11. How do you resolve conflict in your marriage?
  12. Who pays the bills and makes financial decisions?

And this is just a sample, people. The social worker told us that it would be kind of fun to do because you will learn a lot about your spouse. Should be interesting just to get Charlie to sit down and answer his half.

But, YIPPEE, it means another step is behind us and we are continuing to move forward!

Oh, and where does each person in your house sleep? I'm dying to know...


Amy said...

I am so happy to hear that things are moving along so smoothly with the adoption process. You and your husband will continue to be in my prayers!

Hunny Bee said...


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Did they also encourage you to have the house childproofed? IE outlets, doors, chemicals? We had to show that our home was ready for a child at any given moment. Our Social worker talked to us as a couple and then seperate too. Bird is a talker so he was with her for what seemed an eternity. Can't wait to find out what you all learn if anything about each other. Bird and I sleep in our room with 3 dogs. Yaya sleeps in her room though she continually tries to worm her way back into our bed. Fun times I tell ya. How many birth parents get to enjoy such soul searching and fun questions? I think we're actually lucky to have so many questions asked and thoughts put on paper. Fun to look back at answers for us even now after 2 years with our adopted daughter.

Foster Family said...

Congratulations Sissy! I'm so happy you guys are moving through this process. The questionnaire seems taxing but also a learning process for you guys (kinda like premarital stuff). Anyways, we will keep praying that the process keeps moving along smoothly for you guys. You will be great parents!

Alison said...

Great news, Sissy!
I'm so happy for you guys.
That questionaire seems daunting, but you'll muddle through.

2China4Ayla said...

I so remember this...and I was amazed at what they wanted to know. Seems to me that every person growing their family should answer these. :o) By the way - where we sleep now is VERY different from where we slept before our kids came home. Livi has extreme sleep anxiety and night terrors so she sleeps with me, while Jason either sleeps in Livi's bed in the room with Ayla, or I sleep with Livi in her bed in with Ayla. It changes often. :o) I look forward to once again sleeping in the same bed with my sweet husband.