Wednesday, November 7, 2012

pics of my men!

So I've been away from the blog for a little bit.  Busy being a mom, I guess.  And other stuff.  Here's a list.

  • Had a parent night at school and had to help serve dinner to 300 people.  
  • Had PTA night at school and the Specials department was in charge of the entertainment.  I had to put up an art show and we had a one act play and some games that night.  
  • I've been sick.  Had a cold and cough and it wasn't getting better, so I finally went to the doctor today.  Bronchitis.  Yikes.  I'm now on some antibiotics and hoping to get better.  
  • We had Jackson dedicated last Sunday at church.  I cried through most of it.  It was so special.  
  • We had professional family pictures taken this past Sunday.  It was so much fun.  I felt like I was on America's Next Top Model.  Our photographer was great, as you can see from these sample pictures.  We took some in Barnes and Nobles and at this really cool local park.  I will show you more when we get them.  
  • Jackson is starting to eat solid foods.  We tried oatmeal for the first time this week and he did really well with it.  He got the hang of the spoon really quickly and actually likes it thicker than the recommended runny way.  I'm such a proud momma.  
  • I mean, really, look at that picture again.  Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?
  • We moved around the furniture in the house so that we can actually use more space and enjoy it.  The dogs had the run of our den and we never really went in there.  Now, the dogs are in the old guest room which is now the office and we can use both the living room and the den.  Yay.  
  • We are trying our best to keep our house uncluttered.  Trying.  
  • I had a slumber party with my mom the other night and we watched Iron Man.  So much fun.  
I've been reading up on most of you and know there is a lot going on with everyone.  The holidays are coming and we are very excited about sending out our first family Christmas card.  Totally excited.  We are going to use one of the pictures from our session, but since I haven't seen them all, I don't know how that will go.

Can I tell you again about how fun taking pictures was?  So fun.  I talked with Charlie about a week in advance about being cooperative and just going with what I wanted.  So, he wore what I wanted and did what I wanted and was great that day.  I know he was probably a little embarrassed in BN when we were kissing for the camera, but no one seemed to even care about our little photo shoot.  Even when our photographer Amy was laying on the floor, no one really commented on it.  Jackson tolerated it pretty well and we got some really awesome smiles out of him.

And I wore skinny jeans for the first time.  Go me!

Well, enjoy the pics of my little man!  


All in His Perfect Timing said...

YES!!! He IS the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! Inext to my own son, but each mom is biased. LOL) Oh, I just LOVE the two pictures you shared!!! We went in for our own set of family photos, which also turned out great. It was so FUN! I do hope you share your other favorites (or all of them!) when you get them back. I just love seeing the happiness radiating from you and your DH! And of course, your adorable sweet Jackson!