Monday, March 12, 2012

Why I upgraded to the iPhone (it isn't the reason you think)

So, I've had my iPhone for several months now, since September and my relationship with it is kind of bittersweet or love/hate.  Don't get me wrong, I love Mac products and know it is a far superior product to any other phone out there, and I'm constantly discovering new uses for it beyond making calls, but I didn't start out wanting it because I needed a new phone. 

Here is the truth:  I bought the phone because we were matched with the twins. 

Fact 1:  I did need a new phone and was eligible for a new phone and Charlie has an iPhone so I knew they were great.  But, I did NOT want a data package.  I just didn't see the point of paying extra for features I wouldn't use.  I have a computer on my desk all day long and can look up whatever I need to and use a normal sized screen.

Fact 2:  I did not want a data package.  That bears repeating since it adds $29.00 to your phone bill. 

Fact 3:  I was happy pressing the buttons on my slide phone with full keyboard and I liked the way the buttons felt when I pushed them down and touch screens take a little getting used to.  Whenever I would text for Charlie in the car, it would take me forever. 

So, how did I end up with one? Two reasons. 

First, we were matched with the twins.  I wanted to be able to access Facebook and take videos and do all sorts of things with the phone when we got them.  I wanted to be able to look up things on the internet while we were sitting in the hospital or wherever (the twins were anticipated to be preemies, so we thought we might spend some time at the hospital).

Second, I got lost.  My new teaching job takes me to the city next to where we live, and while I've pretty much mastered Greensboro, I'm not at all used to Winston.  There's a mall over there that I've been to once or twice, but now I have to visit all these random schools for meetings and they are all over.  I got lost one morning and all I had was my MapQuest printout which was not helping me.  And the area of town I was in did not scream "Stop here and ask for help."  It was saying "Get out fast."  And while I finally found where I was going, it would have been great to look it up on my phone and get a little help.

Sometimes I forget how long I've had the phone because it seems like I've had it for years, but now and then someone will ask when I bought mine and if it has Siri (no, it does not) and I remember why I wanted it.

I have the phone, but not the twins.  Sigh.  At least I'm not getting lost anymore, and I know I'll get to use all the fun apps eventually when we do get a baby. 

And by the way, I'm still amazed that everyone doesn't have an iPhone.  Why would you buy another phone?  LOL.  Whenever I see people with scuffed up black plastic phones, especially the ones without a full keyboard, I wonder why they don't upgrade.  Then, inevitably, I remember why I was holding out and want to smack myself. 

Have you moved into the technology age with your phone yet?  Just curious.


Sew said...

My iPhone is attached to my hip. I hyperventilate if I misplace it.....I have issues! I love it!

Frizzy said...

I am looking at upgrading my phone now. Like you, I don't want to have to pay that much more for the data. In addition, we don't text.

That said, I'm about to break down and take the plunge. I see that stores are going to the e-coupons in the paper and adds. That alone could save me a lot of time and money.

Bailey's Leaf said...

We just upgraded to texting last month! I know, I know, we are years (and years and years) behind. Still, my in-law's pay for our phones as a partial Christmas gift and I really would hate to cost them more money. Hubs bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I can crib internet access off kind folks with unsecure wi-fi or at a restaurant and so forth. It's all good. As long as I can see where the cheapest gas is and occasionally check e-mail, I'm fine with it. If I had an iPhone, I would love it. I don't, so I'm thrilled that we have text now.

JellyBelly said...

I LOVE my iPhone! I can't wait until I'm up for an upgrade since I still have a 3G. Mr. JB has a Blackberry and I'm always bugging him about how my phone is better.

Sew said...

JB I want SIRI!! LOL My husband has SIRI! I love her! LOL

Amazing Life said...

I just got an iPhone two weeks ago and while I thought I would hate it, I LOVE it!!! My husband insisted I needed one, so glad he was right ;)

Alison said...

I just have a regular phone; I'd like an iPhone and perhaps someday I'll get one, but for now, I have trouble justifying the expense. And, if I get one, then Craig would want one, even though he can't bring a phone into work, and it would be even more expensive. Maybe when we're due for an upgrade?

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I have an iphone with Siri. It works great if we have a connection (we're in Kansas, not in KC, on Sprint ... not the best Siri-connectibility-responsiveness). But the phone is really nice as my hubby and I now have the same one. And I know how to use it, which is an amazing plus. :) And I finally got texting (hello, I'm 30 ... should have gotten it 12 years ago!!!), which is super convenient.
Hoping you get to use your phones for baby pics SOON!!!!!