Thursday, November 11, 2010

an ode to dad

I've got Sammy out today, as today is Veteran's Day and my dad passed away 13 years ago today. But, instead of being sad for you, I thought I would share some funny things about my dad with you.

Here goes:

  • My dad ate his buttered popcorn with a spoon, since he didn't like to get his hands greasy.
  • He named all our dogs Fuzzy. We never had more than one at a time, but they were all named Fuzzy.
  • He called our Ford Festiva a Ferrari all the time, even though it only had four speeds.
  • He taught me to drive stick shift.
  • He introduced me to James Bond, Garrison Keillor, Michael Crichton and the Shadow.
  • My addiction to magazines comes from my dad.
  • He drove us from Alaska to Florida in a two door Cadillac the year I was eight.
  • He collected antique radios and all us kids have one now.
  • He recorded Dave Letterman every night and we watched the monologue and Top Ten list every morning over breakfast.
  • When we were kids we had these things called "run-and-hold-you-ups" in which we ran down the hall and jumped into his arms and he held us up over his head. Fancy name, I know.
  • He would dance with me in the kitchen. He was killer at the twist.
  • He was 6 foot 6 inches tall.
  • He loved Grey Poupon.
  • He wore flannel shirts before they were cool and let me steal them when grunge was cool.
  • He encouraged Senior skip day.
  • He laughed like Bill Cosby. He pulled pranks like Bill Cosby.
  • He loved a La-Z-Boy recliner which I have inherited.
  • He loved Wendy's Frostys, McDonald's Hamburgers, and pizza with salt and pepper.
He loved me, too. And I miss him.


RELH said...

So sorry. Today must have been tough. What great memories!

Alison said...

I know this is a hard day for you. It probably won't ever get easier, but I guess that means that he meant so much to you that he's impossible to be forgotten. That says a lot about him as a dad and a person. Hugs.

Jenny said...

Beautiful memories! I thought I was the only one who ate popcorn that way! I do the same thing with anything cheesy too -- like cheetos! Messy fingers are not my thing.

Sounds like a wonderful father. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Frizzy and Bird said...

He sure sounds like a great dad and that he loved you very much. I love how you honored him with your memories of him today.

Bailey's Leaf said...

What a great list! Wonderful memories to share.

Jamie said...

I love hearing stories about him. I keep telling Drew I wish I could have met my father-in-law, but the more stories I hear, I think I have met him in a way, because I think Drew is a lot like him. :)